Seafood anyone?

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Lately, I’ve been going through this lovey-dovey mushy phase. It’s not over anyone in my life. If it was, there would be a huge massive post about him here. Don’t worry, I wouldn’t keep ya’ll out of the loop on that.

But I’ve been watching cute romcoms (Definitely, Maybe), and rewatching Friends, and I’ve gots a question for those of you who are currently/have ever been married, or at currently in a relationship with your person:

How did you know that you had found your person? Was it a gradual thing where eventually you were like “ahh yeah, ok, this is my person”, or was it like one special moment that made it click in your head?


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I love cute stories!!

You can leave your answers in the comments below, use my Contact Me page, or email me directly at

If I get enough responses, I might make a little series out of it and post them, linking your pages and the like.

Tell me a fairy tale!


12 thoughts on “Seafood anyone?

  1. I always said to myself the man who sends me a dozen roses after our first date will be the one I marry. He did, and it just got better from there. For our 1 month dating anniversary (he remembered, I didn’t), he gave me a lovely pair of earrings with hearts on them. He also proposed to me with the engagement ring I had my eye on for about 15 years. There were only 2 left in the country as that series had been discontinued, and he made the jewelry store search the country for it. It was a sealed deal for me.

    But in all reality, I enjoyed being with him, we were inseparable after about 2 weeks of dating, he was kind, he was considerate, he always cared about how I felt…. and once I could literally picture myself growing old and gray with him no matter what and without a doubt, that’s when I knew he was the one. And that didn’t take long for us to figure out… we met on October 20, he proposed on New Year’s Eve (like a minute after midnight, with my dream ring), and we were married May 20, seven months later. And as I said, we’ve now been married for over 17 years. 😀

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  2. I love these kinds of stories too, although I honestly don’t think there is only one person for each person.

    I nearly dumped my husband about a year into our relationship. I was about to move to Japan (I’d wanted to for yeeears and it was my *perfect* job opportunity. I knew I loved him, but I didn’t think he was that into me (he’d never told me that he loved me and I was about to move to the opposite side of the planet – eep!)

    Then, in our last week together we went to visit my parents in Ireland. We had gone for a walk together in the evening and after the sun had set we found ourselves sitting by a lake under the stars. It was so romantic. He said he’d been waiting for a good moment to tell me that he loved me, and he whipped out a necklace and earrings that he’d been carrying around waiting for the right time. It was so, so sweet.

    It wasn’t all easy after that. We lived apart for two years and there were times that it was awful. I would always think I can’t cope with this, we should break up…then whenever I’d actually meet up with him, I’d go right back to loving him.


  3. I’ll let you know when I find my person.

    Yes, I am married and have two wonderfully amazing kids. But honestly, I’m not sure my husband is ‘my person’. I also don’t believe there is only one person out there for everyone. If that were true, I think very few people would be with their ‘true love’… they’d be with ‘the closest they could find’. If there is only one, mine might live in fucking Australia or something. Seriously… if there’s just the one… mine could currently be starring on Hawaii Five-0 and be married to the wrong woman. How am I ever going to meet him?

    But that aside… I didn’t have a moment when I knew my husband was ‘the one’… at least not one that I can pinpoint… but I thought he was, in fact, ‘the one’. When I look back now, though, I don’t know. I may have just convinced myself he was ‘the one’ because I wanted him to be and I was afraid I’d never find anyone. Yeah, I realize how awful that sounds.

    Oh, and funny… he sent me roses after our first date. But unlike neveradullbling said above, I never attached any significance to that other than ‘he must really like me’…

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  4. I knew he was the one when he shared his food with me for the first time! haha! Jokes, I don’t believe there is ‘the one’, I mean I consider trading mine in regularly but I guess once you find one that makes you smile most of the time and you enjoy spending time with them.. then you just roll with it! Gosh I’m so unromantic!

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    • Haha! Maybe just practical not unromantic? I tend to be super practical about relationships too lol. I was ending something once and the guy literally said “so you’re going to do the practical thing?” There was nothing else to do so I had to lol

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  5. I think I knew because I saw this great man who vowed to love me in spite of my pain and my past. But, I think it was more of a click instead of seeking and confirming with God that this was the man that he wanted me to marry.


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