Happy Canada Day

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Anyone who knows me well knows that I’m not like fiercely patriotic. I feel like I identify more with my Scottish heritage than anything else (a country that chose a unicorn to be its national animal is a place where I belong). Like sure if you get all up in my face, I will probably throw a beaver at you and hit you in the head with a hockey stick, but that’s more rage issues than anything else, wouldn’t you say?

But today is Canada’s birthday. And it’s a big one too! The old girl is 150 years old. Sure she’s had some ups and downs along the way.  Treatment of Aboriginal people was horrific in those early years, and honestly, it continues today.

I try not to voice my opinions on this very often, so if this offends you, I’m sorry. But I think that the government needs to stop apologising for their past treatment of the Aboriginal community. Hold up – don’t start the hate mail just yet.

Past treatment means anything before the year 2000, ok? Yeah, hear me out! Every time a new Prime Minister steps into power, they have to offer an apology on behalf of the government of Canada. It’s enough already. Move on and start focusing on the treatment of those living on reserves today. I have friends who teach on a reserve and that community has been under a boil water advisory for almost twenty years!! TWENTY YEARS!!! Can you imagine? Stop apologising for the residential schools and move onto something else.

Please forward all hate mail to my twin. Thanks.

But getting back to Canada Day.

How do you celebrate? For those not living in Canada, how do you celebrate your country’s birthday?

I tend to just chill at home and then maybe catch some fireworks. Most of my friends like to go to a beach. But if I was given the choice between sitting on my patio at home with a book and a glass of ice tea but having to shove a rusty nail in my eye OR sitting on a crowded beach on Canada Day, I’d take the rusty nail.

Today, I’m staying home. I’m suffering from that first non-sleep in a new place exhaustion so my time has been spent reading so far, and trying to sleep but not being able to. Thankfully, I caved and bought a pizza so at least I have pizza to keep me company while I’m being a “house rat” (a term lovingly placed on me by one of my new housemates since I said I wasn’t going anywhere today).


5 thoughts on “Happy Canada Day

  1. I understand your frustration with your government apologizing for something they/government/country/rulers did to a certain group of people light years ago. Here in America, I see it also. Our forefathers were indeed racist white men who owned black people as slaves. It was and always will be, in my eyes, abhorrent, in humane, a travesty. I was not alive during that time, not even during the civil rights movement. I’m done with apologizing to people I have nothing to apologize for. I wont and never did, actually. It’s absurd. Live in today and love others. You be nice to me and I’ll be nice to you and vice versa. It’s just, I have not much good to say about my government.
    How are you enjoying your new pad? I hope very well. Happy belated birthday O, Canada! Maybe I’ll get up and visit there one day.

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