Moving Day Part 2

Guys, I think I’m dead….who knows what dead feels like? 

So today in a nutshell: awesome.

Everything got done, and I’m sitting in my new room relaxing. So obviously, I have time for this now.

It was raining this morning as I walked to get the van from my employer. When I got there, only one of the kidlets was up so I snuck in super quick to grab the keys and plant a good morning kiss on her little head and check her arm because she offered it to the sidewalk last night and the sidewalk greedily took a huge chunk out of it. More details on that in a different post. Also our new demi-pair, and my first ever baseball game!

By the time I got home again (a 2-minute drive) it had stopped raining which was AWESOME! I loaded up the van by myself, and it took all of 15 minutes (and a solid 4 of that was trying to get the stow’n go seats down). I was able to just walk through the garage to the van instead of using the stairs which saved a lot of time and a lot of energy. I didn’t need Captain America’s muscles after all! Did it all by myself. *proud smug smile*

Got to the new place and waited for Bff-R to arrive to help me unload all the stuff. This time we had to go up two flights of stairs to get the things inside. This took around 30 minutes and left us both all gross and sweaty. So I’ve had a major work out today. Stairs, and heavy boxes. I’m so done.

So I’ve had a major work out today. Stairs, and heavy boxes. I’m so done.

I took R out for lunch for helping, and for her birthday as well since we didn’t get to meet up for it earlier this month.

I’ll be living out of a suitcase for about the next month. Which isn’t ideal, but at least I will be able to set up my bathroom and kitchen things (already about half done) and settle into life in this house. I hung up my adorable penguin poster so my room feels just like home now. And here I am, on the super strong reliable wifi signal.

But after all the humidity and the stairs, I basically have no energy left. Just enough to let my fingers fly across the keyboard and to keep my eyelids open while reading all your new posts that are sitting patiently in my email inbox.

Thanks for all the good vibes today! You guys rock!

Back to regular posts about nothing tomorrow!


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