Lunch with RDJ

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So I follow a few Avengers stars on Instagram (you don’t? Why don’t you?! Seriously?) and Robert Downey Jr. is kind of pimping himself out. It’s for a good cause! So don’t freak out.

If you donate to Omaze you are entered into this contest. You can enter here. Omaze is a pretty awesome sauce website. I’ve noticed a few stars have been using it to help raise funds for various different projects.

So you get to go and hang out with him on the set of the Avengers and have lunch with him, and oh you can totally bring a friend (R get ready to pack your bags!). If you follow his Instagram, then you are also privy to a code which gets you 100 extra entries! So I guess you’ll have to follow his instaΒ andΒ then go to Omaze. What kind of person would I be if I just leaked that information on here?

Now, I’m not telling ya’ll this so you can go and donate and enter the contest. I’m just letting you know that I have entered and to send all your positive vibes my way to help me win.

Hmms…wonder if RDJ needs a nanny for his kids… Is it too early to call him RDJ? How does one earn the right to call RDJ, RDJ? Have you read RDJ enough times yet? How about one more? RDJ. There we go.

I apologise. My whole life is literally in boxes on my kitchen floor. I think I’m going insane from packing. Is that possible? Someone send help. Preferably Captain America πŸ˜‰Β 


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