Ugh…not again…

I hate this part.

So I’m moving again. Let’s make a tally shall we? That means since January 2010, this will be move number 10. Ten times ya’ll. Ugh, that’s a lot.

A few of those times have been easier than others. Like the 4 moves to and from Korea – that was easy since I was just moving three suitcases. But it’s times like this, where I have to move a lot, that I hate.

I currently have no dishes. I have a coffee mug, silverware, and some plastic take away containers that I use for leftovers. It’s ok since I have my meals planned out for the rest of the week to require no cooking at all.

When I moved to this place during the last week of November, it was with the assumption that it wouldn’t be permanent but probably a year or two here, or maybe just until summer. So summer it was. Which is fine, and I don’t really have a lot to move – no furniture thank goodness! But now I’m moving into another fully furnished place with a fully stocked kitchen as well. I don’t need all my kitchen things I have now – like the brand new microwave I was gifted at Christmas or the new kettle I bought during boxing day sales. The new place has all that. I’ll be keeping my pots/pans/baking things with me. I really don’t need to, but I love them. But the dishes will be going to storage. Thankfully in two weeks I’m taking a vacation to my parent’s and can take all that stuff there with me. And bring back other boxes of stuff in its place.

I seriously hate packing. The moving I don’t really care about (it’s a nice little workout for the day), but it’s the packing up all my stuff that I hate. How did I get my two sets of dishes (enough for 8 people) here with only one original box? I’m glad I was smart enough to keep all my boxes from moving the first time and purchasing things since I arrived.

I move on Friday which means I will be spending Thursday packing up all the rest of my things, plus laundry and a little more cleaning just so it’s ready for the next person to move in on Saturday.  I just pray that I have enough boxes and stuff here now to do it. I’m hoping to make the move in one trip. Finger’s crossed, you guys.

It also means that I will be taking a break from posting for a little bit. I’ll still be around, reading your blogs and checking comments and things. But I think I should make the time to actually pack since I have been putting it off until almost the very last minute. Like always.


27 thoughts on “Ugh…not again…

    • I’m technically a “live-in nanny” so my employer provides my housing situation. They have two houses (a LONG story, but no they aren’t totally loaded or famous) and when I was hired I was suppose to have a room in the second house (not the same one the family lives in) but there were no rooms available. Now there is, so instead of them paying rent for my amazing little basement apartment, I am moving haha.

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  1. In the past 5 years, I’ve moved 4 times and am getting ready to move again (in about 2 months; this time for good)- so I feel your pain.

    I’m excited about moving into a house though. I forgot what it was like to not have neighbors immediately on the other side of the wall. 🙂

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  2. Girl I hear ya. I hate moving. We just moved into a new place and with all the packing and then UNPACKING was a lot of work, stress, and time. Do you move a lot because of job relocation? Just curious. I wish for the best in your moving experience.

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  3. We used to move at lot, too. I hit somewhere around 14 times in 7 years back in the day. Worse, my wife and I are terrible pack rats, with boxes and boxes of old books and stuff we wouldn’t part with. You would think that after so many times we would get better at it.

    Good luck!

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  4. Urgh I am with you on this.

    I’ve been living out of a hotel (well, 2 hotels, we had to move once already) for the last month. I cannot WAIT to move into our new home this weekend. We’ll have no furniture, and most of our boxes from England won’t arrive until the end of the summer…but I am still excited to be able to cook!

    The only thing worse than packing is having to live out of suitcases for an extended period of time!!

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  5. I was going to ask about the move but someone else did. How far from the kids will you be? Like, how far away is the second home that you’ll be staying? Are you just renting a room there? Are there other people?


  6. Moving is probably the most annoying thing ever! When we moved into the house I was a… on my period… b had a migraine… c most of the heavy stuff had to go to the third floor 🤤

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    • ooo dang!! I thought I’d be on my period as well but thankfully it came early this month! lol I’m glad I don’t have a lot of heavy things….actually a lot of things. no furniture to move at all. just boxes and suitcases.

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  7. I feel you on packing. We’ve been in our current home for 7 years now, and the big thing that keeps me from wanting to look at other houses with a little more space is packing. Ain’t doing it.

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