Nail Art Sunday: Ombre

My very first attempt at ombre nails.

And it went horribly!! Take a look.

Thanks to Sandra from What Sandra Thinks for offering up suggestions for the colours that I attempted to use. They looked super pretty together.

I ended up just keeping the plum on my nails but thought it looked a little plain so I added a cute little star.

Image may contain: one or more people and close-up

I wanted to try to use my new nail glue but couldn’t get the glue to actually come out of the bottle. How rude! So I used my old glue, which 75% of the time works really well. Although in all my attempts to get the stars onto my nails with both types of glue, I made a little bit of a mess so the two nails that have the stars aren’t as shiny since they have a thin layer of glue on top of the polish. And then I lost one of the stars while sleeping so I will have to put on another one tonight.

Overall, a rather disappointing adventure. But not one that will deter me from trying again! I have watched a few youtube videos on ombre nails and I think I used the wrong part of the makeup sponge? Is that possible? Has anyone actually been successful at this? Can you give me some tips? Help a sister out!

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