Nail Art Sunday: Cuticle Care

Finally a video!! 

For those following NLFF for a while now, this is not new information. I wrote a post on my cuticle care routine all the way back in February. You can read it here. It’s very in depth and quite long, but it does go over everything you need to know. However, as with most of my posts containing pictures, sometimes the pictures work and sometimes they don’t. Today, for instance, all the pictures appear as broken links.

So for those who don’t like the pictures, or hate trying to guess what the pictures may have looked like, here is a video to help you out! It just goes over the actual cuticle care part. It’s up to you how you file and shape your nails. When I get my nails done here in Canada, none of this stuff actually happens. I learned it all from watching my manicurist in Korea do it. She was amazing. And if you listen really carefully (not really, it’s plain as day) towards the end, you’ll actually hear my sing-song voice (that I use with my kidlets) as I try to mask the pain of my fingers stinging from the rubbing alcohol that I just swiped over them.


**Omg so I actually watched this video, and my voice sounds adorableDo I sound like this on the phone? Ya’ll wouldn’t know but omg. No wonder people think I’m 5 when I’m talking on the phone….**

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