A three-post Sunday

I’m warning you now, that there will be a grand total of THREE posts today. 

While I’m waiting for my first video to upload on youtube so I can write a nail art post, I decided to look into this amazing job opportunity that I saw on Facebook.

At first, I thought that it was a click-bait post. But then I actually googled it and it’s not!!

Now, let me just say right away that I love my job. I never knew I could be so happy at a job. My whole life I have had jobs that I’ve hated. I have dreaded going into work. What kind of life is that?! It sucks. SUCKS. But this nanny job, being my first nanny job ever, has been amazing. I feel so loved and accepted into this family, valued and cared for. The adults I interact with are great, the kids are (mostly) great. It truly is a fantabulous job.

But now, this job pops up! So hear me out:

  • in Scotland (SCOT-FRICKEN-LAND! Ya’ll know I lost my soul there 5 summers ago and I still need to go back and find it. My Scottish DNA is begging, PLEADING, with me to go back)
  • for 2 kids (5 and 7)
  • live-in (private bedroom with a bathroom and kitchen attached)
  • 50,000 pounds a year (aka almost $85,000 CND), 28 days vacation PLUS bank holidays

Now here’s the catch: the house is apparently haunted and 5 nannies have left in the past year. Also, since this thing hit the internet, the family has had over 2,000 applications.

So do I apply?! I feel like it’s a long shot, and would I even want to leave my work family? Can I really move again when I said I was finished jumping from country to country? But it’s Scotland. My heritage (or half of it at least). It’s not like I’ll be in South Korea again. Mum can’t possibly argue with Scotland. Can I live in a haunted house?

But we should be taking those jumps right?!


10 thoughts on “A three-post Sunday

  1. I’ve always lived in a haunted house, so that would be more than half the appeal for me! 😛 But I don’t have the temperament to deal with kids (who am I kidding, I don’t have the temperament to deal with ADULTS) so that would be a “no” for me. But Scotland!!! I have Scottish, English and Irish ancestry on my dad’s side (along with French, but hey that’s where the Celts came from originally anyway, what used to be called Gaul), and Irish and Swedish and possibly English (depends on where the Williams side came from originally) on my mom’s side. My Scottish ancestors were from Ayrshire, Clan Montgomery (the family name used to be Eglinton back in the day, as in the Eglinton Castle in Ayrshire, and the Mongtomery that led this little group called Montgomerie’s Highlanders, named for him naturally, was one of my ancestors). At some point the name Eglinton became Eaglesham, and when my ancestor David Eaglesham immigrated to the US the spelling changed to Eagleton (probably some idiot at Ellis Island misheard him when he gave his name—that happened A LOT), and he lived in Tennessee. One of his sons or grandsons (don’t remember which) became a teacher in his hometown, and the school was eventually renamed Eagleton Elementary after him. How cool is that? 😀 Eventually one of the Eagletons moved from Tennessee to southeastern Illinois, and that’s where my great-grandmother was born and raised, married and had my grandfather. I have always wanted to go to Scotland and Ireland, although I keep saying if I ever went there I’d never come back to the US, because I would finally be home (SCOTLAND!!!), but one, I can’t afford it, and two, I have too many furbabies and would not be able to transport them with me without going through a lot of red tape and quarantine and whatever the heck else rules they have about bringing animals into another country, and I’m going NOWHERE without my babies!

    Now if someone wanted to just hand over, say, a million or two, and say “Here, have fun with this, do whatever you want with it”, after getting all my bills paid off and getting my driver’s license back and getting a new (to me) vehicle, you’d better believe I’d be taking a trip, with furry babies in tow, to both places, and see if I couldn’t find us a nice little spot to live with plenty of room for us, all our stuff, and room to add more furbabies to the family. If nothing else, we’d go across the Pond for a visit at least once or twice a year. 😀

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    • I spent an amazing week in Scotland before I went to teacher’s college. It was my very first vacation that I paid for with my own money and went by myself. It was spectacular. I tried to make an account to message the family but it won’t let me without a UK postal code. I’m half tempted to google one just to be able to message the family and be like “sorry but I live in Canada” haha

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      • I’ve never been out of the country, but I’ve been to several different states, both for work (I used to work for a traveling inventory company, my crew inventoried Dollar Tree stores, but occasionally I did other stores after the Dollar Tree run would be done for the year, even spending three weeks on the east coast, in Massachusetts, right after 9/11, helping out the company’s east coast office. We weren’t allowed to go anywhere near Ground Zero, even on our days off, or we would all have gone and volunteered to help out in our free time) and fun (my dad lived in Florida for 15 years, and I got to go visit him twice while he lived there, the first time with my grandmother for two weeks over one summer, and the next time for most of the summer a couple years later; then he moved to Texas and I got to visit him twice while he was there and then after he died, I spent six months there with my stepmother and my younger sister). I also went with my grandparents to Kentucky once during a school break, and several times while growing up to Illinois with either both of my grandparents or just my grandfather the few times we rode his motorcycle, to visit his aunt and uncle in the town he was raised in. The last time I left my home state was 2003, for work; before that I went with my stepmother to a family reunion in Kentucky (she was born and raised in Harlan County, and still has family around there), I think that was in 2002, or maybe 2003; I know my niece wasn’t more than 2 at the time.

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  2. Hahaha. I read about this offer. I’m curious about what makes the house so haunted… Now I hope you get the gig just to read about your experience. That would be one hell of a topic for blogging. 🙂

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  3. I’m just reading this. I would love to have your courage and tenacity. What an opportunity if you would be chosen. I found an add online/Facebook to teach children online. I looked into it halfway and they contacted me via email. I am a half teacher, so figured I could look into it. Wont be able
    To follow up until I return home from vacation. I wish I were braver. Anyway,
    You kick ass, T! I enjoy your posts. Good luck!

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