Do you ever wonder if, as an adult, you have your priorities in check?

I do – all the time!

Take, for example, next weekend. On the 30th, BFF-R is going to come and help me move. There was a little bit of a vacant room situation so I will be living out of a suitcase for a few weeks while I bounce from room to room and I’ll be taking an unexpected 2-week vacation, but I’ll at least be in the house and can set up a few things before my permanent room is available.

So priorities: I made a list of all the places I think I need to tell that I’m changing my address. I think a few of them I can actually update early so that’s great. I’m trying to use up what’s left in my fridge so I don’t have to move a whole bunch of food, and I’m starting to plan out what I need to pack (and what I can leave here) and how I should pack things for the best transition while being a nomad. Basically just summer clothes in one big suitcase that I can move from room to room as I need to. And of course, I need to clean my apartment so that my landlord doesn’t get stuck having to do a lot before the new tenant moves in on the 1st.

These are good priorities! Good life choices, T! Way to go.

My plans for this weekend:

  1. Making two (yes, two!!) new videos for my nail art posts – because ya’ll like hearing my voice right? Thought so! One of them will be me trying out an ombre design on my nails for the very first time. That should be fun.
  2. Reading Shake Hands with the Devil. A memoir about the genocide in Rwanda by the Canadian Lieutenant General who was in charge of the UN mission there. I’ve attempted to read it a few times but haven’t been able to get all the way through. I’ll do it this time! I WILL. Light, fluffy reading which only ignites the burning hatred I have for the UN’s inability to function for the good of people in modern times. And this genocide was in 1994!!! *deep calming breaths….*

I will get cleaning and some packing in there as well. But I hate packing. If anyone wants to just come over and do it all for me that would be fantastic. I’ll clean! Just organise all my stuff and pack it all up and label the boxes and make sure I have everything I need for the month of July all in one suitcase, ok? That’s not that hard. You can do it! I believe in you!!

If anyone wants to have an input on my ombre design for my nails, you still have time! Most likely nails will be on my schedule for Saturday afternoon or Sunday. If you go to this post, you’ll see swatches of all the colours I currently have. I actually made my own so I feel like I’m in a salon when I’m doing my own nails. Imagining I’m back in Korea, listening to K-pop, speaking broken English with my manicurist. *sigh* Good times.


5 thoughts on “Priorities

  1. A couple things….being a nail polish fanatic, I immediately clicked on the link, but was not able to access for some reason. I’m a little OCD about nail polish…keep buying bottles of it, but never quite have the time to do my nails. Hhhm…gotta work on that.

    I tried in vain to finish the exact same book you have been attempting to get through…couldn’t do it. I rented the dvd instead. Good luck!

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    • Hmmms….let me try to fix the link, I must have cropped it wrong. Here is the actual link:

      I love nail polish! Ever since my second contract in Korea, I have been obsessed with manicures. I do my own now with gel polish. I bought a UV light kit from Amazon and just keep adding to my collection. You should definitely check out my Nail Art category for all the different things I’ve done.

      I’ve read the first chapter so far and then have been ignoring it for most of the week. It’s my day off and the weekend so I’m hoping to get a little bit more invested into it lol. I didn’t know there was a movie based on the book!? I own “Hotel Rwanda”, is that the one you mean? It’s so well done.

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      • I will do that! Yes, I saw that movie as well. Maybe I watched it on netflix or youtube, but there is a movie with actor Roy Dupuis. Just could not get through the book. Hhhm..raining cats and dogs here on my day off as well. Maybe I will watch it again!

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