My pants cover my bra…

I’ve been debating on writing this for a while, but ya’ll gotta see this. 

A few weeks ago, I was in my local Wal-Mart picking up a picture that I was getting printed and some potted plants for some ladies. I had the most horrible cart in the entire world – one of the wheels wouldn’t move, so I literally had to be bent over pushing with all my might on one side.  While I was walking around the store, I literally had to stop and take a break from this cart. Yeah…I know…I have no upper body strength (or lower body strength for that matter).

I just happened to stop right beside women’s fashions and saw the cutest pyjama set. Great colour of my skin (not that it matters) and only like $15. SOLD!! I like my pj’s to be kind of loose, so I chose a set about 2 sizes too big for me. Does anyone else find that pj’s shrink in the wash?! It’s ridiculous!!

So I get this set home and the first night I wear them, the shirt is great, a little big but that’s to be expected, but the pants…. OMG, the pants! I put the top of the pants at my natural waist where I would normally put them. Now, I’m not sure if these pants were made for giants or not, but the legs of the pants literally went all the way down and covered my feet!!

I couldn’t do this without pictures, so take a look. I put them on over my clothes that I’m wearing today, but whatever.

Image may contain: people standing

Not only that but when I pull the pants up so that they actually fit from the hips down like they are supposed to, the waist comes all the way up to my bra!! In defence of these pants, they have shrunk a little bit. They used to cover my bra.

Image may contain: one or more people and people standing

Like what’s the deal!?

When I was younger, I loved buying little tanks for the summer. Now I hate showing off my shoulders, but back then, I was fine with it. So I would get nice little tanks. The only thing was that whoever designed them decided that the area where plus sized women needed more space was in the STRAPS. Um no, I want the tank to be longer in the BODY to cover all the extra body that I’ve got. I don’t need the straps to be 3 inches longer because then they aren’t covering anything…

Why is this so difficult?!

I just don’t understand some days…..


15 thoughts on “My pants cover my bra…

  1. I love this!

    I ended up with a pair of pants like this because when I was pregnant, I bought a pair of cheap drawstring pants purposely too big so that I’d surely be comfortable postpartum, especially since I was likely having a C-section. They were hilariously huge but super comfortable, so I used them.

    Few years later, my parents were visiting and staying overnight, and my dad forgot to pack pajama pants. I busted out those pants for him to try on, and they were gigantic on him too…but better than no pants, so we enjoyed the hilarity.

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        • Of for sure!! I was shopping for bras at a store once, and I tried on one bra and it fit really well. So I went back and got another one from the same brand, the same style, the same size, just different patterns. I got home and went to wear the one that I hadn’t tried on (cos it was the same in every way except the design on the material) and it was too small! I laid the two out beside each other and the band was like 2-3 inches smaller.


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