While you were sleeping…

Sleep is weird, isn’t it? 

Last week I talked about my fear of clowns stemming from a dream I had when I was about 4 or 5. But what other weird things happen when you are sleeping?

I find that I can actually influence my dreams depending on what I do during the day. If I spend my entire day off watching episodes of Orange is the New Black, I can be pretty certain that my dreams will contain at least one character from the show. If I eat something weird that day, like something really spicy or greasy right before bed, I’m going to have weird dreams. If it’s Thanksgiving and I have eaten WAY too much food and I feel super gross, then I will dream about feeling super gross. While in Korea, when the sun would rise up in front of my beautiful floor to ceiling windows and half blind sleeping me with its early morning rays, I would dream that I was blind and couldn’t see anything in my dreams.

The last few days I have been watching Fawlty Towers. This is a British show from the 70’s, and basically, the only thing that I like John Cleese in. Yes, you can get yourself all worked up because I would rather jam a rusty nail through my ear than have to sit through Monty Python, but it will have no affect on me! Join the line of people waiting to criticise – you’ll see it forming behind my brother. Bring a book because the line is long and you’ll be waiting for a while.

Now, if you haven’t seen Fawlty Towers, I suggest you stop whatever you are doing and go watch it. Unfortunately, there are only 12 episodes. Like all great British shows, the seasons are too short (6 episodes each), there is a huge gap between seasons (4 years I believe), and it just ends (yeah – I’m looking at you, Sherlock!!) But thankfully, due to the magic of youtube, all the episodes are there for your viewing pleasure.

On Sunday, I watched a few episodes right before bed, and then my dreams were all messed up. This one dream, I was driving backwards on a road like a professional stunt person, and then apparently I caused an accident where two cars collided, burst into flames and people died. It was so weird. But I had also watched one episode where Basil was driving around like a maniac trying to get duck for his guests because his chef was too drunk to function.

Last night, I’m not sure what was happening in my sleep. This is the first time this has ever happened!

So I go to bed, put my glasses on the nightstand (because we all know you don’t sleep with your glasses on!) and then put on a sleep mask. I was tired of getting up with the sun at 5:30 am so I bought a sleep mask. I usually wake up in the night just long enough to roll over and go back to sleep. Most likely because my arm was under my pillow and has now fallen asleep and is in the pins and needles stage of pain. Anyways, so sometime during the night, I wake up and am about to go from my back to my side, when I realise I’m wearing my glasses.


I have no recollection at all of putting my glasses on, but there they are, on my face!! Thankfully I didn’t damage them.

Like I said, this has never happened to me before. I did go to bed in a little bit of an angry panda mood. But I don’t think that would cause me to put on my glasses in the middle of sleeping.

Life is strange guys.


6 thoughts on “While you were sleeping…

  1. HAHA. No way! That’s crazy. Wow, so does that mean you got up from your bed, walked over to your nightstand and put them on? Or is your nightstand next to your bed and you just rolled over and put them on?

    Lol. That’s funny. I was actually thinking about writing a blog sometime soon about Dreams.

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    • I’ve written about dreams a few times lol it’s kind of fun to remember them and write them down. although, i don’t really think they mean much other than your brain just processing what’s happened that day.

      and the night stand is right beside the bed. so i must have just reached over and put them on lol. it’s so strange!


  2. British shows may be frustratingly short, but I think they have the right idea to pack as much goodness into a handful of episodes instead of stretching out the same jokes over 20+ episodes per season. The quality vs quantity argument in American entertainment, I suppose.

    The IT Crowd is one of my favourite shows ever, and it’s only 4 series of 6 episodes each. I wish there were more, but right now every one is a masterpiece, and if they made more surely there would have been some misfires among them.

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    • Yes, that is a very good point! the whole “jumping the shark” episode does show up in a lot of longer running shows. I’ve had a few which I have really enjoyed watching at the start but had lost interest because they just go so long.

      I just tried to watch The IT Crowd yesterday. I gave it my usual 3 episode run and couldn’t get any further lol.


    • AHH!!! no one ever knows what it is!! I was on a tour of Scotland once and we were driving up to this old hotel to stay the night and my tour guide said “don’t worry! There will be no Basil’s or Manuel’s here” and I busted out laughing and no one else on the bus got the joke lol

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