Attention! Attention, please…

*taps mic* Is everybody listening? 

You are? Good.

First all of, sorry for being kind of distant this past week or so. I have been neglecting all of you. I’m kind of going through a phase of not wanting to write lately. It happens from time to time, nothing to worry about! Just trying to clear the fog!

In order to help get out of this funk, I’ve got a few matters that need your input.

First of all, if you’re keeping track (I’m not sure why you would, I hardly do myself), this weekend coming up will be a Nail Art Sunday with a new design on my nails. I’ve decided to do an ombre design. If you’re not familiar, here are a few pictures.

Image result for royalty free images ombre nails  Image result for royalty free images ombre nails  Image result for royalty free images ombre nails

Basically, you just need a base colour, and then 1-3 additional colours to make the ombre. Now, I am horrible at making decisions, which I’m sure you all have figured out by now. So I need your help choosing some colours! I want to stay away from the standard black and white. My last three nail designs have been black and white. it’s time to get some colour on my nails!! Anyone wishing to offer any suggestions, here are my colours.

Image may contain: 1 person   Image may contain: one or more people

Image may contain: one or more people   Image may contain: one or more people

Now, onto the next thing!

To try to get out of this funk, for the next few days, I will be accepting any questions or post suggestions from you lovely people. You can offer these questions or post suggestions in a few ways:

  1. leave a comment below
  2. use my contact page which doesn’t require you to leave an email for me to view and you can submit it with a fake name (but if you’re asking something that requires a fake name should you really be asking it in the first place? hmmms?????? hehe seriously though, no judgement! I blog without my real name so it’s all good)
  3. email me directly:

7 thoughts on “Attention! Attention, please…

  1. I tend to go for dark reds, purples, and black myself., but also haven’t bothered to decorate my nails in years (I love Hot Topic’s nail colors, but haven’t been in there in ages to get a new bottle).

    As for topics…I’m doing good coming up with topics for my own blog for every day (but I’m determined to keep going, right up through next year’s Challenge!), and I still have to come up with tomorrow’s post! 😛 Although, tomorrow would have been my kitty Ed’s tenth birthday (we lost him last year a month after his birthday), so I could always talk about him, although that would be kind of a depressing topic for me. At the same time, I don’t want my baby to be forgotten. He never got to meet his little sister Lucky or his nieces (all six finally named, yay!) but I swear at least a couple of him channel him occasionally, they act just like him sometimes! (Especially when they kick the kitty litter onto the floor…he always acted like he was trying to dig his way through to the other side of the world, and couldn’t stand it if he didn’t have half the kitty litter on the floor before he even settled in to use the box!) They are so lucky Grandma loves them, the little furbrats… 😛

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  2. Is 12 and 13 eggplant and gold? What about those combined? As for suggestions, when I am out of topics I google “funny blog post topics” and ALWAYS find a great topic. Let’s see, you know my topics are normally obnoxious and inappropriate sometimes. Off the top of my head here are some topics: your comfort level with technology and how you use it. Your first day in South Korea, your top pet peeves, your most embarrassing moment and a look back into your twenties (what you learned, what you accomplished, what you regret, etc.). Happy writing! If you ever want a break and want me to guest post, lemme know! Anytime you want to post on my site, lemme know too! xoxo

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    • 12 is “plum” and 13 is “glitter pink” lol but eggplant and gold WOULD look super awesome together! Once I move, I am going to order another set of 12 colours so I’ll have more of a choice haha.

      Thanks for the blog ideas!! I’ll write them down 🙂


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