Hey! Smell me!

I spent most of yesterday saying that to people. 

Not in like a creepy way! Don’t worry. It was only people that I knew! I was trying out a new perfume and wanted people’s opinions on if I should buy it or not. Every time I would see someone new, I would pull off my watch and say “hey! Smell my wrist!” Most people really liked the scent! 4th said she didn’t, but she also told me that a new shirt I bought “doesn’t look good on you..I’m just trying to be honest” and I looked adorable in that shirt! So can we really trust her judgement?

This one time, at band camp in university, I was working at a grocery store. I was massively crushing on the grocery manager, who was just a few years older than I was and definitely reminded me of “Zack Morris”.

Image result for royalty free images zack morris

We were kind of close, always with the inside jokes, going on breaks together, he would drive me home when we worked until closing (and sometimes when we worked until like 4 pm) but he had a girlfriend so he was off limits. One day, he asked me to smell his new cologne….on his neck….like I literally had to hold his waist, stand on my tippy toes, and sniff his neck. I tried to hold it together but turned bright red. He smelled really good.

Anyways! So I bought a new perfume! My last bottle, my mum bought for me when I was 16 because “every girl needs a perfume” and I literally threw the bottle out like a year and a half ago (still 1/4 full). It lasted that long. This time I went with Dior and it smells so pretty! And the bottle is adorable – it has a bow on it!

No automatic alt text available.


2 thoughts on “Hey! Smell me!

  1. I love bows! One of these days, some ridiculously smart person will come up with smellivision and convert it to have internet capabilities so we can smell your new perfume. It will happen!

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