Summer Soccer

So the kidlets are all in soccer now for the summer. 

As a child, I never did any organised sports. My brother and I did t-ball for a season until we moved to a small town where it didn’t exist. I did have one year of figure skating lessons, but that was the year I was hit with all the plagues of Moses (or it seemed like it) and I ended up hating it! My mum held firmly to the belief that if her children hated it so much, she wasn’t going to waste money and effort and time to force us to do it. So at the end of the most horrible year of my young life, I hated the lessons (probably because I missed so many of them and was behind everyone else in my class) and she didn’t want to force me to keep going. So I stopped.

3rd has been in soccer ever since I started my job six months ago. But now, all the girls have started as well. I think the girls only play in the summer, but 3rd is on a few teams so he plays all year round. So it’s going to be a busy summer! Having never been around children’s sports teams before, there are a few things that I have noticed over the last two Mondays of having to go to games:

  1. Sometimes there just isn’t a coach. 4th’s team didn’t have a coach last week for her first game so a parent stepped in to help out. 1st and 2nd are on a team together and they didn’t have a coach last week either.
  2. Rules for coaches are weird – the one guy who took up coaching 4th’s team, him and his wife were standing/sitting with the parents last night and the lady who organises the league told them they couldn’t be there….why? I have no idea!
  3. Parents get WAY TOO into what is happening. Listen, I understand from your almost impossible to understand Irish accent that you love soccer. And yes, you with the same almost impossible to understand Eastern European accent. I get it. Soccer is life for you. I’m the same with hockey. But there’s no need to yell at this dad who just volunteered for the game so that your kids could play soccer for an hour. Calm down. He’s not making the calls, the teenager with the whistle is. And you – Mr I didn’t look up from my phone for the entire game, you really can’t get up in the last 5 minutes and yell at the “coach” for taking your kid off the field after only 2 minutes. He had been playing all game. Your kid was tired. It was a shift change so he got pulled off the field. Hakuna your tatas peeps.
  4. Rules will change from game to game: last week, the coaches were on the field, literally in the middle of the pack of players giving instructions and support to their little munchkins (these are just 7-year-olds). This week, they weren’t allowed to do that. Last week, goalies were switched out randomly. This week, only at half time were they allowed to switch their goalie. Different ref, different rules I guess.
  5. The names for the teams are adorable! 4th is playing on a team called The Blueberry Muffins. They are sponsored by Tim Hortons so all the teams have Tim Hortons product names – I had no idea. This is great and I fully support it.
  6. If you just mention that you are the nanny of one of the players instead of the mother of one of them, you will henceforth be known as “the nanny”.

4 thoughts on “Summer Soccer

    • Hehe #1) omg will that actually happen?! 2) the league here is timbits soccer (or hockey) its so cute!! 3)lol okies! I will remember! I have to spend almost all day on Saturday at soccer…woo?


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