The Best First Date

I’ve brought up my most favourite first date before a few times, and since I am taking a little break from online dating, I figure that this is probably a good time to actually tell ya’ll what actually went down.

So it all happened the fall after I graduated from teacher’s college – which Facebook was kind enough to tell me was four freaking years ago!  Ok, so it was that fall and I was working at Timmy Ho’s (that’s Tim Hortons for all those non-Canadians out there reading this). There was this one guy who drove for the taxi company out in Huron County – which is as close to a geographical location as you’re gonna get. He was always around Tim’s, since that was the main place the drivers would go to hang out between fares.

One thing that you might not know about me, is that I’m kind of a dream at customer service. I am shy as all get out when I am around people I’ve never met before in a social setting, but throw me in an ugly brown uniform and tell me I’m a supervisor and SHABAM I am a social butterfly. I will talk up a storm to anyone. Just picture Kelly Kapoor from The Office but as a ginger. Every single one of these frames is so me! Except the last one…

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So this guy and I had been talking for a while. I wasn’t as interested in him as I was with Mr Infatuation, but why would I? Mr Infatuation was gorgeous and totally unattainable! Clearly, that’s where my affection needed to be.

Ok, I’ll actually settle into the story. This is getting a little cheeky.

So he was always around and he kind of reminded me of that actor who plays the Lion in The Wizard of Oz. Can you picture him? No? Here’s a refresher for you.

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So yeah, kind of like that. A big teddy bear, with a HUGE red beard and long red hair. Being a ginger myself, I normally don’t go for red heads. It’s just too much stubbornness in one relationship haha.

He kind of gave off a weird vibe. It took a while to actually warm up to him, which was weird. Most of the people in that small town were sweethearts. But one of the teens that I worked with was friends with him and she was a solid kid so I got to know him better. It didn’t take too long until I was my normal “work social butterfly” with him – which apparently can come off as flirty. I think it’s more like a sassiness than flirty, but whatever.

One night, as I was leaving work at 11, he had parked his taxi van right beside my beautiful Chester.

Image may contain: car and outdoor

doesn’t this just SCREAM me? SO CUTE!

He got out of his van and kind of waited until I crossed the parking lot. Like he got out as soon as I left the store but made sure that he stayed by his van driver’s door so there was his whole vehicle between me and him. Does that make you feel better? As a woman it makes me feel better. It was after 11 pm, and I didn’t really know this guy. And he was respecting my space.

So he did his whole speech that he seemed to have down. It was kind of adorable. He asked if I was seeing anyone, and how old I was just to make sure, and no pressure but would it be ok if he could have my number so that he could call and make plans to take me out sometime. It was sweet.

Since we live in a small town, sometimes the taxis have to do random things, like transport a cooler from our hospital to the major city about 45 minutes away. He had one of these drops a few days later and called to see if I wanted to go with him. I did, it was pretty cool. We just chatted each other up there and back (he was surprised at how much I was talking…like dude, really?), and that was it. Then we made plans for that weekend. For our actual date.

He said he wanted to take me to “the boardwalk”. Great I thought! A trip to Goderich and a walk on the boardwalk along the beach. That’s my kind of date!! And it was the first weekend in October so the beach wouldn’t be busy but it was still nice enough to enjoy the walk.

Well the day came, and it had rained the day before. This was fine since we’d be on a boardwalk. I wore a cute outfit, did my hair, and wore some nice ballet flats. I escaped the house before he even got to knock on the door with questions from my parents as they turned into pre-teenage girls. “what’s his name?” “how old is he?” “how did you meet him?” “where are you going?” Good lord! I felt like I was in junior high! In their defence, I have never introduced them to any guy in my life…every….at all. My mum still thinks I’ve never had a boyfriend. And that’s how I’m going to keep it. Preferably until AFTER I get married…I can totally pull that off, right?

So I get in his van and we head on out to the boardwalk. Which was not in Goderich. It was a hiking trail. The morning after a huge rain storm. Awesome.

But ya know what? It actually was! It was a great hike! Not too taxing, and he let me stop whenever I wanted to take pictures (I brought my camera along) and a few of those times he would take the rest to have a cigarette a few steps away so I didn’t get the smoke on me (that was sweet). I did get my beautiful blue ballet flats covered in mud and the hem of my pants. But I’m a reformed country girl, and they washed up easily, so that was fine.

We then headed out to a local dive Kate’s. Which has auh-mazing food! Omg, I am drooling just thinking about it! So while we were waiting for our hot drinks, we were talking about the pie options. This dude really knows the way to my heart: a hike in the woods where I can stop whenever I want to take pictures, offers his hand when going down a muddy slope, and then buys me pie?! Well, I was telling him that my favourite was the pecan pie that was on the menu. The waitress came and he orders the pecan before I could! Like dude….

I had to settle for the chocolate cream (there was no way I could order the same thing!) which was waaaayyyyyy too sweet, so that was really disappointing. But overall, the date was awesome sauce. It really was!

We had a great time. It turns out, he wasn’t meant to last though. We had the “we are looking for different things talk” when he took me to his place a few nights later (not for shenanigans! I know how some of you think!), which sounded super cool when he said he had renovated an old school bus into a house, but it wasn’t cool. It did have a wood burning stove inside, but that was the only redeeming factor. Then I learned he was one of the main pot suppliers to the high school kids. And THEN he had a little melt down at Tim’s around Christmas where he smashed a few things and the cops were called because the girl working wouldn’t take his skeezy used paper cup and refill it. He was banned from the store and drive-thru for six months. Red heads…

So yes! There it is! The story of my very best first date so far.

Do you have a super awesome first date story? Or just a really great idea for a date? I’d love to hear it!

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