The Day I Didn’t Exist

I will not be existing today…

It’s Friday – my normal day to do all my boring adult things – clean, cook, laundry. You know the drill.

It’s 9:45 am and I have already cleaned my whole apartment, gathered up my clothes for laundry tomorrow (energy prices change in the summer, switching to weekends now!), put out food from the freezer to thaw out for my cooking later.

After I read through all the new posts in my email inbox, I will no longer be existing.


Because Orange is the New Black has a new season on Netflix. I will switch from the leather couch I am on to the soft fabric one which sinks down so low when you sit on it, snuggle in with my head on the armrest which is facing the TV and not move for the whole day except for essential things and to spend an hour making breakfasts and cheesecake this afternoon.

I don’t know why, but people are generally surprised when I tell them that I love this show. It seems to have the same effect as when I say “oh yeah, of course, I have tattoos.” Jaws hit the floor, and gasps are heard for miles around. I don’t understand it?

Well – off I go to not exist!

I hope you all enjoy your Friday!


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