Exciteable Kidlets

I have been a blogger surrounded by sickness for the last week – which means, I have had lots of time to watch lots of movies. 

Taking a look back at my week: last Saturday 4th was diagnosed with a viral infection but no fever yet so that was all good. She got puffers and some meds. By Tuesday, 2nd had a scratchy throat, 3rd was having problems breathing from allergies, and 4th had a horrible cough. Thursday: 3rd had to go to the clinic because he now had a viral infection PLUS his asthma. Friday, I spend all day watching Captain America movies under a blanket trying not to swallow what felt like razor blades in my throat. Saturday, I got called into work early because 3rd was now in the hospital. It was a rough week.

But, surprisingly, the kidlets were rather upbeat about it all. I think because they all got to stay home from school at least one day. 3rd was in the hospital all weekend. Like overnight, having tests and everything. So I was at work all day on Saturday so the parents were free to be there for him.

The girls and I spent the afternoon watching movies. Which was great!! First Shrek, I’m not sure which one, you know where he signs away one day of his life to Rumplestilskin? Yeah, that one. After that, it was The Road to El Dorado.

Now, the girls had never seen this movie – which shocked me! Because it’s auh-mazing! Ya’ll know it’s true! There are some GREAT lines in that movie that still get me giggling even after seeing it so many times.

Image result for the road to el dorado memes

Image result for the road to el dorado memes

There are a few “adult moments” where I had to put my hands over 4th’s eyes (she doesn’t like kissing scenes bless her 7-year old heart). And 2nd did ask me why when Tulio was giving a massage to the girl, did he go “oooooh OOo” when he touched her shoulders…..


Image result for the road to el dorado memes

I’m sorry, but WHAT were they doing on the floor?! Look at his face – we all know what she was doing….


But for the most part, it’s awesome!

Have you ever watched a child watch a movie for the first time? It’s so cute! 4th likes to lay on my legs/stomach (they are squishy and I am forbidden from losing any more weight so they stay that way), so I was watching 2nd watch the movie. She gets SOOOO into it! Like asking questions, and when there is music playing she was bouncing on the bed, and when it got to a super exciting part she started to bounce her legs, and when the evil dude turned into that rock jaguar thingy she gasped out loud. She was mesmerised by it! It was adorable!!

But then I had to answer all these questions for 1st about why god’s don’t bleed and all that.

Image result for the road to el dorado memes

Even in her “I’m too cool for anything you guys are doing” phase, she enjoyed the movie. She didn’t sit with us on the bed, but in a chair off to the side but it was super great that she was able to join us.

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