Nail Art Sunday – Negative Space

I have been on a black and white kick lately. My past three manicures have all been black and white. Not sure why, but it’s pretty. 

This weekend I was finally able to try out a negative space design. I decided on something simple since it would be my first time working with guides.

wanted to show you which is the fun nail trend that everyone is going crazy for.:

Pretty right? I thought so too.

So I started out – did a base coat and then found my guides. Guides are little white sticker strips that you lay on your nails. I didn’t have arrow ones, but I did have “moon” shaped ones. So it’s more smooth than pointy. I think the pointy ones would be much better, but whatever.

So on my right side, I left the guides on while I did two coats of both the white and the black. I peeled off the guides and it wasn’t all nice and clear in there like I was expecting! Oh, no, friends. It was all blotchy! I started to freak out, but since the guide was over the polish, it didn’t cure properly. Thank goodness!!

This week I also bought myself an angled brush to help to clean up the outside of my nails before curing them, just to help the nails look nicer.

No automatic alt text available.

Just dip it into some rubbing alcohol (remember, it’s your friend!) and run it along any mistakes you want to fix before putting your hands under the light. Just be sure that the brush isn’t too wet or it will affect the polish. Just damp is good. This apparently also works with regular nail polish but you need to use nail polish remover instead of the rubbing alcohol.

So I used this brush to clean up the “negative space” area on my nails and this is what my right hand ended up looking like after the top coat.

Image may contain: one or more people and close-up

Pretty respectable for my first time. I am actually pretty happy with how it turned out considering how they looked when I peeled off the guides. Except, since I peeled off the guides AFTER I had cured the polish, the little black bit at the base of the nail is kind of lifting already.

Then, onto the left hand. Now, I’m left handed so the left hand is always so difficult to make it pretty! I applied the guides and put on the first coat of polish. Then, I decided “What will happen if I took off the guides BEFORE the light the first time?!” The smudgies that happened on the right were there already, so I cleaned it up and put my hand under the light. Then a second coat. But for some reason, this negative space on this hand for the black nail is all gross! Not impressed!!

Image may contain: one or more people, ring and close-up

So, for my first attempt at using the guides AND doing negative space, I think it went ok. 9 out of 10 nails looking cute is a good thing right? I do wish the space wasn’t so big that I’ll just have to get different guides for that or cut the guides I do have in half. It’ll do for the next week or so until I take the colour off.

Next time: Ombre effects!

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