ODS Part V

Am I really up to part 5 on my online dating thing? I literally have no idea. If not, well it’s part 5 now. 

So I haven’t had an update on my dating adventures in a while, so I thought I’d share a tiny bit right now.

  1. Yes, there are a few guys. See my problem is this: when I find one that gives me that feeling, I get way too involved way too quickly. And then it crushes my soul if it doesn’t work out. I’m an “all in” type of girl. So it takes a pretty special guy to make me have that feeling, but when it’s there BAM it’s there. So I kind of have 2 guys right now. Which is making my give myself all sorts of shade, because I started talking to both on the same day and I think both are kind of cool. Although each has their own pros and cons, and some pretty impressive similarities. BUT one, after like 2 days dropped the L word which freaked me the fudge muffin out. He has an African and Caribbean background so I totally get it. I’ve dated an African before and he was basically the same with the instant affection. So I told him to slow it down a bit.
  2. I had the best “no thanks” message yesterday! He was so polite and awesome.
  3. I would have had an actual date last night, but I’ve been sick (3 kids out of 4 sick last week…I had no chance of staying healthy).
  4. When trying to get over him, it’s best to not have to see his face again. I did my best by deleting messages off my phone and stuff, and he said he was taking a break from the site we met on. That lasted like a week longer than my little break, so on Sunday when I saw his new profile I hid it. No biggie. Then last night A NEW FREAKING PROFILE! GAH hid it again….
  5. For a little bit of humour, check out this link: 10 Struggles for the Single Christian Lady it’s pretty great!

16 thoughts on “ODS Part V

  1. Yeah… what everyone said… love is a bit strong for not having met. I don’t care what anyone says… things can be PERFECT online and turn to crap in person. It’s another piece of the puzzle — like any other deal-breaker — that has to fit into place or it all goes to hell. So yeah… love before that? That’s not love. It’s infatuation… or a lie. But I’m totally cynical, so, take what I say as you will…


    • I know! I told him he needed to slow that down and he agreed but he’s already “you’re going to make a wonderful wife and mother to my girls” (he’s widowed with twin girls). And I’ve prayed about it, stuck it out, found out he goes to the same church denomination as me, but I still feel uneasy about it. And I think its time to just let it go and move on.

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