Happiness is:

Getting your ribs crushed ❤ 

Picture this: me, adorable (like always), walking into a school playground to find my kids. Only two of them since the mom had one and the eldest goes to a different school. But I parked in a weird place and didn’t want the two I needed to pick up to think no one came for them.

Okies, walking into the schoolyard looking for my kids. Suddenly! From a far corner of the tarmac, I hear my name being shouted from the youngest of my munchkins. I look up! I am being charged at by a 7-year old! Arms spread out, a shoe in each hand (I’m not sure why they weren’t on her feet to be perfectly honest), running at me full speed! She gets about 3 feet away and throws her shoes to the side, not caring that one literally hit another parent standing by her, then wraps her arms full force around my waist, almost knocking me to the ground!

What a way to get greeted! This literally made my entire day.

Back at the house later, 2nd says it looks like I have lost weight, and I have, and asks if it’s because of running around after them (something I said to Gran a few days ago). Then she starts making her own weight loss commercial right there in the kitchen saying “if you want to lose weight drop everything and come work for the *** family! Positive results guaranteed!” lol

What a ham!

Goodness, I seriously love my job. Even though they have infected me with germs.


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