Hello, June!

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Can ya’ll believe that it is June already?! I seriously can’t!

This week I have struggled with this blog. Things I wanted to share but thought I’d hold onto for a little bit, wanting to watch the entire run of the Avenger’s Marvel movies in order and not wanting to take time for my blog, giving good night kisses on foreheads of little munchkins who were sick which made me sick and then I was tripping out on cold meds thinking I wasn’t blinking enough and then realizing I was blinking too much and not being able to lower my eyebrows for like 3 hours while my whole body felt like it was under water and my head was in a fog.

It’s a been a weird week.

But that was all in May. Now it’s June!!

I have big hopes for June.

Mostly because I just picked up some makeup sponges so I’m going to be trying some ombre on my nails! WOOT maybe not this week but later. This week I am going to try the negative space design again. I have the guides this time haha. It’s my last month living in my own basement paradise, so that’s going to be a big change for sure at the end of the month. It also means that I’ve been in my job as a nanny forย six whole months!

I hope you all are enjoying your first day of June!! It’s beautiful here in Toronto, and I hope its the same wherever you are!


12 thoughts on “Hello, June!

  1. Happy June, pretty girl! It’s been a crazy week for me as well with work, and I’ve been struggling with my blogging as well; I just haven’t had the time lately! But, this new month is a fresh start! We got this!

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