Dancing like it’s 2007

I had a special little moment the other day at work. 

Since everyone who works for this family is from the Caribean, it sometimes feels a little weird to be the only one who isn’t. I got to work a few days ago and the lady who is there during the day cleaning had the reggae station on – which is awesome. I love it and can dance around the kitchen while doing the dishes no problems.

She went upstairs, and I was in the kitchen, and then came the songs of my childhood! I started remembering dancing in a club with my friends in our early 20’s, not a care in the world. It was great times!

So here, sweet people of the internet, have some sounds of my youth. Seriously take the 10 minutes to get into the music

Did I tell ya’ll about the time I was actually 2 feet away from Luda? Had no idea it was him….

Now that I have literally danced around my apartment…I think I can go start my day.

Happy Wednesday!


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