Reason #742 not to have children

So I’ve lost count of how many reasons I have stacking up against actually bringing life into this world. But today the list gets bigger. 

Today was a little bit of a toss up – I was trying to get the kids to go to the library so I kind of bribed them. Yeah, I know, you’re not supposed to do that. But whatever. Everyone gives them extra little treats so I told them that if they were good at the library (they wanted to go to the one at Don Mills and Lawrence so they were already upset since we didn’t go to that one), we would get a drink at McDonald’s after.

This turned into some negotiating (could we get a Mcflurry instead? How about a trip to the dollar store? Can we do both?!) but ended up with them being excellent at the library, homework was finished with no fuss, they only spent 30 minutes on the computers, I didn’t have to drag them off the computers, and we all left when I was ready to leave without any breakdowns because we didn’t get to finish the Dr Seuss story we were reading (in all fairness, it would have been me going “but GUYS! It’s not done yet!!”) we held it all together and had a great time!

So, going off of that I was expecting the rest of the night to go well.

And it did! Until we got to dinner.

Then, it was, “T – What’s on your shirt?!”

“What do you mean?”


Now, I was wearing a white, little summer sweater. Those who are part of the Giggling Follower’s posts will remember it from my selfies a few weeks ago where I looked super cute in a dark lace shirt and a white sweater. Yeah – that one.

So I take my sweater off, and there, right in the middle of my back, smashed into the SUPER FINE “hand wash and lay flat to dry” knit, was bright pink silly putty.

No automatic alt text available.

Look at that baby fine knit!

“Now T, what were you doing wearing something like that?” You might ask. Well, I’m not working with babies. Kids yes, but not babies. I have worn it many many times and no problems.

I guess I like to tempt fate a little with my clothing choice. One day I actually wore a brand new thick white knit sweater to a kindergarten class I was supply teaching in AND packed chilli for lunch. Not a single drop of anything was on that sweater when I got home that afternoon.

Somehow, the silly putty ended up on the driver’s seat after getting out at the library but before we got to the house for dinner. And we drove straight from the library to the house.

I have iced it to peel off any of the remaining putty, I have blotted rubbing alcohol on it to try to get the stain out AND have put liquid dish soap on it. Thank you, internet for all these tricks. I will be washing it tomorrow with the hopes of the rest of the mark coming out.

If all else fails, I will send it to my mum and see if she can change it from a “covers the bum” button up sweater with pockets (omg I L-O-V-E when my sweaters have pockets!) to a “just under the bust” shrug.


6 thoughts on “Reason #742 not to have children

  1. I honestly HATE silly putty. I hate it. I have banned it from my house and yet my kids keep smuggling it in, or attempting to make their own and hiding it from me which inevitably means it ends up in the wash or being sat on or somehow ground into my carpet. Ugh. Did I mention that I hate silly putty?

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  2. Oh come on. As someone who has kids, you know you just have to expect them to be messy. I don’t care if they’re 6 months old or 18 years old, if you hang out with them long enough you’re going to get dirty. You just need to accept it.

    That’s what I haven’t bought any new clothes in ten years, they’re just going to ruin it anyway. 😛

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    • LOL!! Fair enough! I do expect the mess, and I am usually up for it. It’s raining and you want to jump in puddles? Let’s go! Finger painting? Bring it! Just not a huge massive bright pink stain in the middle of my back. *glares angrily at the screen*


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