Ladies a Question

So I’ve noticed a trend in my life lately….

I’m kind of digging the whole “little flecks of grey” in a guys hair. Like not so much that he looks super old, but like just those little flecks…you know around the temples or in the sideburns? Or just a little hint in their stubble?

What do you think? Yay or Nay?



16 thoughts on “Ladies a Question

  1. When there’s just a little, I kind of like it. Too much starts to make him look too old. BUT I don’t think men dyeing it is the answer… that seems unnatural (despite what women may do…)… So, I guess I’m torn. Natural is what I prefer. Usually. I guess. Maybe.

    I have no vote. 😃

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    • I was born with natural strawberry blonde hair, well actually when I was born all my hair was white. Some still is (eyebrows, eyelashes, on my arms and legs etc), but then my hair started to gain colour and if you get a clump of my natural hair (under the wig of course) it’s half white still and half red. Apparently that’s a “true” strawberry blonde and rare so I should have been thankful and not want to dye it bright purple and blue when I was 15 haha. But it also means that I will most likely skip the “grey” and go straight to “pure white” ….that is if I have any natural hair left by that point in life haha


  2. LOL. I’m in my 40’s now so I don’t mind. If I was in my 20’s then no. But, you could be ruling someone out because of the color of his hair. Especially if he’s a good guy and has premature grey. Can’t help it.

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