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So it’s not going as horribly as I had first imagined it would, but it has been hard to find someone that I really connect to again. I didn’t expect it to happen the first time so now everyone just seems like a let-down. But I know there is that person out there! I must be patient.

I’ve been having a few conversations lately with a few different guys. Is it just me, or do you feel bad when having multiple conversations going as well? I am very much a one guy type of person, so sometimes trying to get to know multiple guys all at the same time makes me feel a little uneasy. Or am I just a little bit of a goody-two-shoes?

Last night was a night where I had way too many people messaging me (and the one person I wanted to message me did but trying to keep a conversation up was like pulling teeth! I gave up). But then this gem happened (I told you, it’s much easier to share the fails with ya’ll than anything else).

I took out his name and picture and stuff, because, obviously. And I don’t usually share actual conversations with you…but guys, seriously…..and I mean: males, seriously….

He’s grey, I’m blue.

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Ok, so let’s go through this, shall we?

First off, I’m online and he can see that so simple opening is totally fine. I replied back then checked out his profile. Seemed like an ok amount of information to get started with. Me trying to be half funny, half serious, but also showing him that I mean business and want to find someone who won’t waste my time.

Great – he seems to do the same. Then, it’s the asking to meet up for a drink after talking for what? An hour?! Dude, I don’t even know your name. And yes, I get it. Some people don’t want to have all the “first date” conversation online, but I’m sorry, I’m not meeting a complete stranger from the internet after only talking to him for 30 minutes. Criminal Minds has taught me better than that! And Derek Morgan is not a real person who can come and save me and call me baby girl and make my heart melt. (but Shemar Moore is and that boy is fine! He can call me baby girl any time he wants to).


Image result for shemar moore baby girl

*sigh* this is what I want peeps! A Morgan/Garcia relationship.  Image provided via google. 


But hold up! This guy’s response is great! “That makes sense”. Brownie points for you, my friend! A lot of guys who want to take it off site right away basically just ghost me after I say I’m not ready to just hand my phone number out them.

So he asks another question, one which is literally answered on the first line of my profile, but whatevs. It shows he’s taking an interest and wanting to get to know me better. And then his next response is to ask if I want to get a drink THAT NIGHT!


RDJ help me out!




*deep breaths*

I seriously don’t get it. Like, yeah – you’ve got it. I didn’t commit to a drink next week without knowing you better, but of course, I will be happy to get a drink with you tonight when I know literally nothing else about you from the first time you asked…


both gifs provided via giphy.com


14 thoughts on “ODS Part IV

  1. I like to give people the benefit of the doubt in these situations. Maybe he was really interested in you and wanted to “swoop” you up before someone else did. Or maybe completely nervous and didn’t realize you wanted to really get to know him before meeting and actually swapping numbers.

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  2. I totally hear ya! Online dating is SO different for men & women; unfortunately, a lot of men seem to completely forget that we need to take into account Safety! I never ever gave my number out after less than a week of messaging, but as a writer, I prefer ongoing exchanges; I know other women who give their number straight away. It’s up to you. And hold on to what you want, don’t compromise (I must confess I found dating women much much easier & safer) 😈. But there are definitely good men out there… somewhere… Good luck 😏

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  3. This is funny. You completely said no when he ask if you want to go out with him next week what made him think you want to have a drink with him on the same night? Lol Maybe he really believed that girls change their minds every second 😂


  4. Yep, he’s a square. I would say that would be one of my biggest regrets when I did on-line dating. Waiting forever to meet someone. I would suggest trying a coffee meet and greet no where near where you live within the first week of talking to someone. Not him. He obviously doesn’t pay attention.

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