I have a date tomorrow!

Yeah – it’s true peeps! A date! 

Toronto apparently (ha! Thought I’d just gush right away didn’t ya?!) does this thing called “Doors Open Toronto” every year, and it’s this weekend. It’s pretty awesome sauce guys, places like museums and stuff go admissions free for just two days. I literally just found out about it last night while talking to this one guy.

So I googled it to learn a little bit more (Google literally saves lives!) and found a museum that is participating which is super close to my place! It’s called the Aga Khan Museum. I have never heard of it before, but I’m going! Tomorrow! After church (one more exclamation point right?)!

So this date is with someone special. Funny, laughs at my jokes. Caring, super sweet, kind hearted, pretty cute too! Has a great outlook on life, and I know is just going to wear something I will love.

Are ya’ll jealous? I would be if I wasn’t already going on a date.

Great face, great green eyes, killer laugh, kind of sarcastic but who isn’t really? Likes all the same things as me. It’s a perfect match.

It’s a perfect match because my date is me! HAHA

Ok, so I’m just joking around. But seriously, I love museums and art galleries and I haven’t been to one in so long. It’s such a treat to go! And since it’s free tomorrow instead of having to pay like $20, why not go and experience something new?

Museums are like the perfect date! You can be quiet or talk to each other, you can take your time or go fast (if it’s not going well), you get to learn and experience new things and watch how the other person reacts to it, find something you really like and show the other person. Although I might ignore you if I’m super excited about it. Or like the aquarium….if you plan on wanting to talk to me about anything that isn’t “OMG LOOK HOW CUTE THAT FISH IS!!” then don’t take me to the aquarium.

I think it’s important to date yourselves. I know that sounds weird, but hear me out! Everyone says that you need to love yourself before you can love someone else (preach!) But you also need to treat yourself how you want to be treated. Take some time to do things you love. Let yourself get lost in something you really enjoy, and feel the enjoyment of it. I feel like I’m talking in circles and not making any sense.

So tomorrow, I am going to treat myself like I want to be treated. I am going to take myself on a date to a museum and then stop at the closest Starbucks and get myself a white mocha and have the best day.

Now…what am I going to wear?!


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