The World Needs More Kindness

Don’t you agree? I think the world needs a whole lot more kindness – People are mean ya’ll. 

So I came across this youtube video a while ago on Facebook and being me, I didn’t save it so I had to wait until I could find it on youtube. It took a solid minute because I didn’t know who it was by or the name of it or anything like that (I’m smart).

It’s by this lady Kristina Kuzmic, I’ve seen her videos a few times, she has a pretty funny one where she is literally pouring a glass of wine into an ice cream container and eating it right out of the container (watch it here). Her video is about how all her kids are angry at her at the same time – and it brings me a little hope when the kids that I nanny are angry at me at the same time. Or how about this one where she said “no”, to an adult.

But the video I want you to watch is this one:

It’s 3 minutes so I think you can spare that (unless you are like me and go to youtube to get ONE video and then 4 hours later you’re still there clicking on the links on the side and omg I just can’t stop – someone send help!!!)

If not, basically she goes out for 2 hours with one of her kids and they need to do 3 acts of kindness for others. How awesome is that?! She is teaching her children (specifically her son in this video) that doing things for others without getting the recognition for it is a good thing.

She says this is a great family activity, and it’s amazing she does this during her one on one time with her kids.

Awesome date night idea too!


11 thoughts on “The World Needs More Kindness

  1. Love this! We did this for the 30 days leading up to my 30th birthday. It actually got tricky trying to think up 30 different things to do…it did make me grateful for a rainy day because I was able to run to the thrift store, grab a few cheap umbrellas and hand them out to people stuck walking in the rain (talk about silver linings lol)

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  2. We’ve been stressing this with our kids, not so so much about forcing them to do acts of kindness, but to remind them it’s better to help others than ask for anything in return. They’re 5 and 2, so it’s more about reinforcing good behaviours now than trying to undo bad behaviours later.

    Little kids are surprisingly kind, and both of them go out of their way to help their other people when they’re upset. I think selfishness is more of a learned behaviour.

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  3. She’s awesome! We don’t do specific acts of kindness days, but constantly remind the kids to be thoughtful and kind to others. Little Man has taken it upon himself to hold food drives and fundraisers for a local food pantry, very proud of him!

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    • Wow that’s great!! I used to do some charity work like that with my “girls group” when I was younger (like brownies, but not brownies haha). And that carried all the way up into university. I don’t do much now (which sucks) but I really do still enjoy doing it.

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