Buzzfeed does it again

Ya’ll…..I’m addicted to the quizzes…..but you already knew that.

 : First of all, image taken from Pinterest. Secondly, sorry for the swears. You know I would never.

Being that it is my day off today, and I don’t get to go home for the long weekend untilย after work tomorrow, and I had no plans for the day (except for picking up my rental car which is like a fudge muffin spaceship inside with so many extras I didn’t even know how to turn off the radio without asking….), I had a lot of free time on my hands. Which translates to watching Netflix, and then getting bored, so while the movie is playing I was checking all my social media apps on my phone.

I eventually made my way onto the Buzzfeed app, which generally doesn’t get a lot of use unless I’m staying at work super late and need something quiet to entertain myself while the kidlets are sleeping.

I was scrolling past all the Trump nonsense and made it to this quiz: On a Scale of Sunshine and Bunnies to Darkness and Despair, How Dark is Your Heart?

Obviously, we all know it’s going to be sunshine and bunnies. But I took the quiz anyway. You pick which cloud is scary and which person looks the angriest and some wallpaper and stuff. And this was my result:


I do admit that my rage does simmer right below the surface. Being a ginger AND half Scottish AND half German, I think it would be unnatural if it didn’t. But there wasย no need to say that everyone is so annoying Buzzfeed! And definitely no need to have such an angry panda as my gif….

Take the quiz peeps and let me know where you fall on the scale. Apparently, my dark black heart and I have some contemplation to attend to.

On a completely unrelated note: NLFF won’t have any new posts until Tuesday. Happy May 2-4 Canada!ย 


23 thoughts on “Buzzfeed does it again

    • Today its an audi A3 TFSI quattro…..*rolls eyes* took me about 30 minutes to figure out how to change the radio station and only out of pure desperation when a Bieber song came on did I actually get it. I’m sure if I wasn’t driving it wouldn’t have been so much of an issue lol but it shouldn’t be THAT hard to avoid Beiber….

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  1. Rubbish quiz, utterly rubbish!
    Does that make me a raging fire of hatred panda?
    ‘Cos I’m so not. I’m a cute and fluffy wuffy bunny.
    My boyfriend wouldn’t call me bunny otherwise … would he? ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. I took the quiz and got a dancing slice of pizza. The quiz told me I have no hatred in my heart, which is an utter lie, so obviously this quiz doesn’t know what it’s talking about.

    You got: There’s no hatred in your heart

    You are a creature of light and peace. You love all living things equally… be it an old person, a baby, a small animal, or a flower turning towards the sun. Your love knows no bounds and the people around you are thankful for that.
    There’s no hatred in your heart

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