This Princess has found her castle.

It has been quite some time now since I have decided that my life’s ambition is to be a Disney Princess and this summer things have been falling into place to support such a statement. 

First of all, all the animals that are flocking around me. Not just the domestic ones that I see on a daily basis at work, but also the following:

  • a family of deer at work
  • fox in the bushes at work
  • bunnies hopping merrily around me while I walk home from work
  • birds singing outside my window at 4:30 in the morning to wake me from my slumber (this one I can live without if I’m being 100% honest)
  • a skunk on my walk to track and field last week which didn’t spray me and kind of posed for pictures
  • being followed, but never attacked, by various geese around York University (for those who know geese, this can be a true sign of Disney Princess protection!)
  • a racoon living outside my door which scared me half to death a few nights ago

Add in the fact that I’m basically just Mary Poppins (practically perfect in every way 😉 ) and my sometimes uncontrollable urge to just burst into song in the middle of a sentence, the facts are just adding up! I’m not saying that I am a Disney Princess, but there’s the proof in black and white! So far.

And then – oooo dear friends it just got a little bit better! THEN, last night, I was online doing some mundane things before bed and I came across this!


Image result for castle village ontario

all images provided via google

A CASTLE!!!! It’s this theme park less than two hours from Toronto! Sweet baby Jesus, I gasped at my laptop and started doing all the research I could. You can visit the website here.

Image result for castle village ontario

And I have decided that I need to go. Not just like want to, but need to. This will be my summer road trip. Bff-R is invited of course, because what’s a summer road trip without your best friend?!

Image result for castle village ontario


You can check it out yourself but there are dragons and knights and castles and cute little houses and a suspension bridge and an “enchanted walking trail” and a dungeon and an armoury museum.

Related image

Related image

Escape rooms too!! But I’m not sure I would want to do one. Do you think they would let me throw an axe or something?

Do you think they would let me throw an axe or something? Ever since Le Brother did his “axe throwing” party for his work and didn’t die, I’ve wanted to try that too (but he was uncommonly unsassy these last few days so I don’t really have any real proof of life…)

Goodness, I am so excited about this!! And it’s only five dollars to get in and do the regular stuff!? All up near Georgian Bay?! I could probably fit it in to go there in the morning, swing around to Cyprus for a great hike and a swim and then make it all back home before collapsing from exhaustion. And if I was at Cyprus, that’s only another 25 minutes from Tobermory… No – one destination per day is probably best!

Don’t worry – I will most definitely be taking my camera along and will be showering you with all the pictures I can bare to post….if I don’t decide to just accept my Disney Princess status while I’m there and just move into the castle right then.


23 thoughts on “This Princess has found her castle.

  1. Well that place looks perfect for a princess, I want to go too. I have to confess I got a bit confused when you said you could also visit Cyprus and Tobermory, then I realised these are places in Canada and not the island country in the Mediteranean or village in Mull, Scotland that I initially thought of!

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    • Ooo yes! Cyprus is a provincial park with an amazing hike which leads to a grotto and ice cold water (much needed after the hike) and Tobermory is a super cute tourist town hehe. I grew up going to both every summer. But Ontario has a lot of British doubles. I’m so close to London, Scarborough, Peterborough, and York lol. We are a nation of copy cats 😉

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  2. Holy Crap, I have friends in Midland. How have they not told me about this before? I guess I’ll have to visit them this summer…

    Maybe I’ll go in late July so we can also swing down to Collingwood for the Elvis Festival!

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  3. That looks like a medieval festival. I once had a Disney princess report to me. She was a former Disney princess who was now a temp. She said it’s cut throat to be a princess. Measurements taken as well as height. Ridiculous!

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