Living in Fatty McCupcakes’ world

I took a page from Katie’s book over at Fatty McCupcakes, and I’m not sure now if I can ever turn my life back around into what it once was. 

If you haven’t been over to read any of Katie’s writing, I suggest you stop whatever you are doing and rectify the situation immediately! In the famous words of Ron Weasley, you need to “sort out your priorities”. This isn’t more important than laughing through her posts.

Now my darling friend (we are friends, right Katie? oh goodness I hope so or this day will have turned from bad to horrible), is more than just an excellent writer. She is always a very vocal supporter for leggings.

Yup, you read that correctly, leggings.

If I had to guess, she has about a gah-trillion pairs of leggings. In all differents patterns and I am very jealous of her awesomeness to wear them all the time. Who doesn’t want to wear ice cream cone leggings? I know, no one, exactly. I’m glad we’re all on the same page here.

Then I was shopping on Sunday for new pants…and I have a pair of black skinny jeans but they are dead. Dead. Dead. Dead. Ya’ll know how jeans get once you wear them for too long.

Anyways, staying on topic! I was shopping and I saw these jeggings. And I thought, I may not be brave enough to wear plain leggings, BUT what if I were to try on jeggings instead? They are more pant than leggings but less pant than jeans. I wasn’t sure until I tried them on. I took a simple black pair to the change room with me.

Oh, sweet goodness of cupcakes and rainbows – they were amazing. And I looked pretty darn cute in them too, if you will allow me to be confident about my own bottom.

So I decided to buy just one pair.

I got them home and set them out to wear today. I put them on and they were even more comfortable than I remember them being in the store! I swear they are made with all the love and devotion that Sweet Baby Jesus has to offer the world. It felt like little satin pillows were caressing my legs all day.

I think I need to throw away every single pair of pants I own now and just live in these leggings. I want to be in them all day, every day.

Katie – I am officially reformed!


18 thoughts on “Living in Fatty McCupcakes’ world

  1. Omg, girl! You’re so amazing to give me this huge, awesome shout out! Of course, we’re friends!! I LIVE in leggings! They are life. Just don’t make my same mistake-keep ONE pair of pants hanging around, so you can put them on to assess how far you’ve let yourself go! Otherwise, rock those awesome jeggings ❤️👏

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  2. I totally second Katie on this one! Leggings are a teacher’s best friend lol! I never wear anything else!!!! You can dress em up and down, you can get cropped ones patterned ones, and I have thermal ones for the winter lol!

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  3. I feel you. I used to have HUGE judgments about leggings, until I tried a pair on. It’s like a light bulb went off! They make your body look beautiful in ways working out never could. And you’ve captured the miraculousness of jeggings. They’re a God-send!


    • Oh I know! I had a pair that I wear under dresses/skirts but I have cropped them so they are just like little shorts (a combination of comfort and paranoia from a friend in university who, when drunk, found it funny to flip up girl’s skirts at clubs….but not in a creepy pervy way! lol) but now I am loving these full length jeggings so much


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