I have been absent!

But I am still alive 🙂 I promise! See? Writing right now….

It has been an exhausting few days, but I am glad to be back home and getting back in touch with all of you. How has your weekend been? Did you all have a good mother’s day (either honouring a mother or being honoured as a mother)?

I had a great weekend! Thanks for asking.

Saturday morning, I was awoken by a beautiful songbird sharing a lovely tune with the world. Too bad it was at 4:30 in the morning and I wasn’t quite ready to hear it. I didn’t get too much sleep after that since my brain started to go over the plan for the day. It was the day of my mum’s surprise birthday party and I had a lot to do!

I was out in my car by 7:30, hit Tim Hortons for breakfast and was on the road! Perfect traffic all the way out to Huron County and I made great time! The little car that I had for the weekend was fantastic. I picked up the corsage my dad had ordered for my mum (aren’t they just the cutest?!) and then hid at a park until I got the all-clear from my dad to go to the church to set up. The saddest part of my day: the park didn’t have any swings. They were all broken. What kind of world do we live in where all the swings at a park are broken?!

Set up was all done by noon I would say, the basement already had some really cute butterflies and flowers hanging from the ceiling so I didn’t have much to do. Just hung up at few balloons and set up a card/gift table.

Image may contain: table and indoor

The cake had arrived before I did and it was beautiful! Like so amazing! One of the ladies at the church made it as a gift towards the party and I was shocked at how beautiful it looked! I had emailed this lady a few times and she had suggested a Scottish design since my mum is all about her Scottish heritage. I sent a picture of a thistle and then one of our family crest (Morrison! woot-woot!) and this is what she did with the cake:


No automatic alt text available.

ps: look at my super cute skirt guys! 

This is a quote that I LOVE. It’s also my email signature. A little mix-up happened. She saw it on my emails and thought that was what I wanted, and she never got the email with the pictures so she spent the time and effort to space out fourteen lines of text! Bless her heart!

The guests started to arrive, and then the moment came for mum to arrive! We turned off all the lights, and with the shakiest of hands, I lit the candles on her cake. Then she arrived! She was a little hesitant to come in at first, but then she saw me and she got excited, and then she saw everyone else and got even more excited!! She has been having such a hard time lately that I think that was the best thing for her! We had the family, old friends, and people she used to work with. I think a solid turnout of about 40ish people? It was great – and everyone seemed to have a good time! Those still at the church after clean up all went out for dinner together.

That evening, I was to meet a friend for coffee but she forgot (stood up two days in a row! At least Friday I got a message a few hours before! hehe) so I enjoyed my drink at Tim’s while talking to a few people I know who were there and then headed home for some such needed rest.

Today, was another busy one. None of my pants fit anymore because I’ve lost so much weight (that’s a good thing, right?) so I had to buy new ones. Since I was out anyway, I decided that I needed new pj’s and shirts and a plain black maxi skirt too. So I basically have almost a whole new summer wardrobe.

Then lunch with church people, then dinner with BFF-R, then the drive home! I was home by 9:15 and now I am just ready to sleep for a thousand years I think! I’m all unpacked and new clothes folded and in my closet.

I’m sorry if I have been neglecting your posts this weekend – I did read all the emails I got! Just didn’t have the time to reply to any posts.

Oh….and me and him are still good 😉 Since I just know you all are dying to find out!



12 thoughts on “I have been absent!

  1. I’ve been neglecting posts too 😦 things just got crazy busy the last few weeks and before I knew it Your Harry Potter A-Z was over… I’m going to go back and read the posts I’ve missed when I get some free time!
    Sounds like a great weekend well done with the surprise party!


    • Oh no! I like when life gets exciting but it also means I have to plan my time much better hehe. All my posts for A-Z are under my A-Z category…so if you look that up, it will be easier to find the posts. 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Sounds like a great day! I celebrated with my aunt and uncle and cousins. Good day for me too. Wished a silent happy Mother’s Day to my mom in Heaven. Good luck with the dude!

    Liked by 1 person

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