Giggling Follower: Online Dating Saga Part II

What a day ya’ll, what a day! 

So it’s only been two days since my last update and I’m not going to do the whole “breakdown by days” thing I was doing before because it’s super simple:

I’ve only been talking to him. We text every day, he is so easy to talk to – about anything! About everything.

Last night, as you all are well aware, we made plans for coffee today. I mentioned it a few days before and he seemed a little apprehensive about it. Then the next day said something like “I deleted my account. I’m sorry, I’m just worried about this online dating thing”.

I thought things we ending.

They didn’t. We kept talking. It was amazing.

Then this afternoon at 2:30 I got a text – he was sorry but he wasn’t going to be able to make it for coffee. It wasn’t me, it was him and emotions from his last relationship. I said it was ok, I was disappointed but it was ok. In my mind, I was like “yeah this is super fast, maybe it’s for the best.” But it literally made me cry – for about 20 seconds. The tears started to form, I stood up to walk the 3 steps to the tissues and it was finished. So yeah, he made me cry. Which I hated myself for! Cos it’s been less than a week – how insane is that?! But I also think it was partly from only getting about 4 hours of sleep….

Now, I know ya’ll are outraged – but put away your pitchforks. Hot Mess has any claims over pain since she has adopted me now as her little sister. Awesome for me because I’ve always wanted a sister AND she’s Italian and catholic and so is he! She can help me navigate if there are things that need to be navigated.

He called me after work, and we talked for almost 2 hours. He put me on Bluetooth so we could talk while he drove the whole way home (he literally works a 10-minute drive from me!) Then he sat in his car and we talked some more.

It was great. Like great. I wasn’t angry that he cancelled, a little hurt but now I know the whole story. He doesn’t want to stop whatever this is, or see anyone else, or get to know anyone else, and I’m glad for it. And I’m glad for that hour and 40 minutes of me just curled up on my couch listening to his voice (gah I almost threw up in my mouth I’m so gushy!) and finding out we both love white mochas.

I’m also glad for the disappointment that came from him cancelling. It broke that “infatuation fog” I was in. It hasn’t changed how I think of him or how much I like him (I am really surprised at it…still….) but it’s sliced through the immediate hype of it all. Which I think I needed.

I almost told him about my hair since he was complimenting my pictures. But I’m scared it might ruin things…but I know if it does then I wouldn’t want someone like that anyways. But I feel like I’m being dishonest. It’s also why there are so many selfies on my Instagram now (for those who have bridged the gap from blog friend to more than blog friend) because I want to make sure I am representing myself fully to him before we meet.

So bottom line: I totally understand and there are no hard feelings. We are still going to keep getting to know each other, and he wants to take me on a proper date. He says I deserve more than just coffee.

And just to keep with my old theme – May 12th: disabled online profile.


21 thoughts on “Giggling Follower: Online Dating Saga Part II

  1. I was waiting for this update. I’m sorry you didn’t get to meet but it sounds like he still wants to… eventually. I kind of think keeping it at phone calls is good for a while. More time for you both to get more comfortable and get to know each other better. 🙂

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    • He says he really does. And after I heard the whole story from him I was even more ok with it than I was before. He wants to take me out next week sometime if we can fit it in. Since he works so close, and we usually both work until 830 it makes it easy to do something after

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  2. I’ve also been waiting for this update. I don’t want to kill your awesome crush high you’ve got going on, but be wary that he didn’t want to meet due to emotions from his previous relationship. I’m not saying it’s definitely what I’m about to say, but I’ve met many a man online who fits the bill AND I’ve done this, as well. Be wary of why he was on a dating site to begin with if he’s not really ready. Is his previous relationship really over? I’m asking and pointing this out, because there are a TON of people who are on dating sites just until they can successfully get back with their ex. It’s a way to dull the pain and take their mind off of their lost, unrequited love. You know why he deleted his profile and I’m sure other things, but just be careful. If he’s not ready to date or even meet, you might end up being disappointed. I really hope not, though!!! 😘

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  3. On one hand, I’m all cynicism and wariness but on the other hand… I met my man in 2007 from MySpace, moved in with him 3 months later and we’ve been married since 2010. Like… be careful, but also cling tightly to your sweet hopes that he could be the one. He COULD be. Just take the time to get to know each other and don’t be afraid to go after what you want.

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  4. I get it. I talked to Mr. C on the phone for about 2 weeks before we ever made plans to see each other. It was dinner at a local restaurant and it lasted about 2 hours. We had a lot to talk about after talking every day three times a day. Getting to know someone intellectually has it’s benefits. No pressure. I like seeing you mushy.

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    • I’ve really enjoyed getting to know him this week (its only been a week omg!) But I’ve never had this type of instant connection before from an online site…which kind of scares me but is also exciting. But im not allowing myself to get TOOO excited until we actually meet. Which I honestly would do any time so hopefully soon. And I’m glad you like me being all mushy!! Sometimes I think I’m too invested in this already since we’ve covered a lot of super intense topics already (sex, religion, relationships, family, etc.) But I also dont want to go a day without talking to him lol

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      • That’s how I was with Mr. C. Very vulnerable and October will be 2 years since we started dating. It’s great when you find someone you have an instant connection with. Just remember to breathe and listen to what he’s saying. I had to remember that one myself.

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        • That’s great advice. I know he’s apprehensive about meeting so I’m not bringing it up any more. His last relationship was from online and she was messed up so I understand that. He says he just wants to be sure, and me too. So I’m being patient and waiting for him. I’m fine with just calling him after work every day to hear his voice (omg I’m soo cheesy….)

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    • He really was! At first I got all emotional because he said he was taking a break from the whole online dating thing…so add that disappointment to my 4 hours of sleep and the tears were unavoidable. But then he said he didn’t want to change anything about us, we’re still talking every day and everything which has been great. I know the anxiety about meeting someone from an online site so much that I never have before. I’ve never had such a wanting to meet anyone. but him I would have met last Tuesday if I could have haha!


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