Nail Art Sunday: Friday Edition Part II

With the party this weekend, I needed to do my nails today not on Sunday like I usually do. 

Thanks to everyone who voted, I was super duper excited to do the negative space nails which won out the vote. I got started with a base coat AND a top coat, just to get that nice smooth surface for the negative space. Then I took out my nail tape in an attempt to lay out the voids. But it wasn’t working. I really need those guides, you know they are white and you use them only once but they just go on, you paint, and then when it’s dry you peel the thingy off and throw it away? Yeah, those things. Glad we all understand.

Anyways! So it wasn’t working, and I wasn’t really in the right frame of mind to attempt the 2nd choice – nerves make for shaky hands. So I decided to do something totally simple that I knew I couldn’t mess up.

A simple black and white design, 2 black fingers on each hand. And then the top coat with my new matte finish. I’ve had this exact look twice before, minus the matte finish. Most recently last week when I did it with just regular polish, not my gel polish. The end result isn’t as magnificent as I was expecting, it’s not jaw-dropping or anything, but it is a pleasant result.

The hands still weren’t as steady as normal so the edges are way messier than I like to have them. But it will do.

No video today since it was such an easy design. Ya’ll don’t need a poorly recorded video of me just painting a solid colour on my nails lol.

Happy weekend everyone!

4 thoughts on “Nail Art Sunday: Friday Edition Part II

  1. I think it’s cute! Sorry I didn’t vote, though, but the one you picked was the one I was going to choose so it all works out in the end, lol.

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