Tiny Bits Thursday

Too much to say…but nothing of substance.

So this crazy week is almost over! Anyone wanting to get in a last minute vote for my nail design tomorrow, head over to my nail art category and vote! Also, I’m finally getting a library card tomorrow and need a book to read this weekend. Something funny and upbeat. Any suggestions?


It was track and field today for 2nd and 3rd. I was going to get a ride with the mom but she wasn’t feeling too well so I had to bus it. It was only two buses but an hour and a half to get there. And it was freezing out today! I saw a skunk and a goose on my way there so I am officially a Disney Princess. I found an aunt just as 3rd was starting his first race (1st place!!) Then walked around to watch 2nd do the long jump. It was 3rd who was very vocal about me going but when 2nd saw me she had the best sly smile ever! It thawed me out a little. She placed 4th. Then I had just enough time to watch 3rd finish his relay – placing 3rd. And then I was frozen solid!! I stayed for an hour amd a half before leaving.


Things that made me smile today:

  1. Geese
  2. Lady beside me at lunch reading her bible and eating an apple in Tims
  3. My kidlets
  4. 3rd cheering on his friend during the 1500m as he was in the final lap and loosing steam
  5. Baby on the bus
  6. Texts from him

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