Wild Wild Church

Last night was confirmation for 1st, and it was a little interesting….

As I mentioned before, I have never been to a confirmation service before. It was interesting to witness and it felt a lot like the baptismal service that I did when I was 10 and got baptised.

I was there as the nanny so I still did have certain things to do, like watch the kids and stuff. But since it was church service, we were all together anyways. 3rd had his fidget spinner with him which was a little annoying, but during prayers and sometimes when the bishop was speaking he stopped it haha. Thankfully it didn’t make any noise! And he was very careful to not get excited over it and make any noise himself. He was very well behaved with it.

Anyways, so almost at the end of the service, 4th whispers over her mom and 3rd to me to ask if I could take her to the bathroom. It was not the part of the service for prayer and almost the eucharist so I didn’t mind missing it. So we managed to get out of the pew (I took one step on the pew at the very end just so I didn’t kick her dad while he was kneeling in prayer, and she scolded me for standing on the bench….

We walked out of the sanctuary and headed towards the bathrooms, but a guy walked came out of the doors infront of us. He was wearing a shoulder holster and I instantly thought oooOOOOoooo a police man! Because who else would be wearing a shoulder holster IN A CHURCH!?

Related image

Upon closer inspection, it wasn’t a holster for guns…it was for cellphones. That’s right peeps! A SHOULDER HOLSTER FOR CELL PHONES!


Image result for cell phone shoulder holster

provided via google

I had to actively hold back the giggles.



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