Sleep Deprived Confirmation

I almost fell asleep standing up today…

This week is going to be a super long week. Yesterday was track and field practice for 2nd and 3rd, a meltdown for 3rd which resulted in an apology and my very first hug from him, today is track and field competition AND confirmation for 1st, tomorrow will need to be making mother’s day cards, Thursday is track and field competition for 2md and 3rd, plus piano. Thank goodness karate was cancelled this week or else I don’t think I would have made it through yesterday.

Last night when I got home from work, I was tired, but I didn’t actually make it to bed until almost 11:30. Ok, so I was in bed but the light was on until 11:30 haha. And I was soooo sleepy. I had to take some cold medicine before because it seems like the entire house is coming down with colds and of course, I have to give goodnight hugs and forehead kisses to 4th (how can I not? Really?). So I’m trying to keep sickness at bay.

I fell asleep easily enough, and then woke up – WIDE AWAKE. It was still kind of dark in my room so I checked my phone. 2:45am. Fudge muffins! What?! I was super hungry so I grabbed a spoon of peanut butter and a glass of milk, then worked on the mother’s day collage we are making, and read a children’s book (Frog and Toad!), and by 4:15 I turned out my light again.

But now I am just exhausted. So. Exhausted.

And tonight is confirmation! I’ve never been to a confirmation before but I am super excited about it. I am so happy that 1st is doing it – I had some doubts at the start of this process in February but I am so glad that she has completed it and is actually doing it tonight! 4th was a little upset that I missed her first communion the weekend I was sick but I didn’t even know about it! And food poisoning peeps. Wouldn’t have gone even if I had known about it.

Maybe I can squeeze in a nap before lunch…


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