Mystery Blooger Award

Hehe, so I looked up at my title and realised I spelled “blogger” wrong, but I’m not going to change it.

My new blogger friend C.D Gallant-King over at Stories I Found in the Closet has nominated me for this award. I am thrilled! (I can’t comment on his blog since I can’t figure out how to not post as my personal identity and not my blogging identity, so I hope this shout out is giving credit where credit is due!) Those who have followed this blog for a while know how much I love getting awards and answering all the silly questions. Warm fuzzies peeps! Warm freaking fuzzies!

Now, of course, like always, there are the rules…for this award, they are “instructions”…possibly to make the person receiving it more inclined to follow them – but I am a rebel and I shall break all the rules!! Not the rules set out by society, my religion, or my parents, but blog rules I shall break!

Ks…instructions (if you really need to read them go to C.D’s blog and read them, then read a few of his posts since you’re already there).

1 done, 2 not happening, 3 done, 4 meh. 5! I like 5 which is to tell the readers 3 things about yourself.

I’ve had quite a few new follows since A to Z started so this should be a good thing.

  1. This might be super obvious but I love everything pink and cupcakes and rainbows and covered in glitter and smelly stickers. I’m that type of girl.
  2. I’m left handed and think that’s pretty great. Oprah says left-handed people use their brains more effectively and are smarter than right handed people. I’m not saying that’s true, but I am saying everyone basically believes everything Oprah says.
  3. I seriously hate my hair. When I was younger I hated it because I have strawberry blonde hair. Yup, I’m a ginger. But then I started to love my hair colour and then I developed alopecia so now I hate it again.

6 is to nominate people, which I never do! I can’t!! I feel like I’m either bugging people or leaving people out, so like I always say: If you are reading this, answer the questions! Do it!!! This also counts as 7.

8 – the good stuff! The questions hehe! Okies so here are the ones that I was asked:

1 – What’s your favourite book, and why? Definitely Ella Enchanted. Why – because it’s amazing. BUT DON’T WATCH THE MOVIE! It’s a Cinderella story where Ella is given a “gift” at birth by a fairy. The gift of obedience. If you say “Ella stab yourself!” she must do it. But if you say “I think you should stab yourself”, she can say “um no you suck”. Then she gets the evil stepmother and stepsisters and in the end the prince. It’s great. It’s for tweens, and I literally just finished reading it (for like the 20th time) two nights ago.

2 – Who is your favourite professional wrestler? Does Nacho Libre from the movie Nacho Libre count? I don’t do wrestling.

3 – Favourite type of character to play in roleplaying games? If you don’t play roleplaying games, how about video games? LARP? Cops & robbers? Monopoly? Do you do ANYTHING fun? It may shock you all to know that a “manicure loving, cupcakes and rainbow referencing, has to have a friend explain X-Men and Tolkein movies to me, doesn’t know anything about any role-playing games” type of person plays Dungeons and Dragons. Oh yes, I do! It shocks me too. I haven’t played since I left Korea in October, though. But I am a level 3 rouge elf, with some sort of magic something or other (I literally have NO IDEA!), and have been dubbed a “terrifying shadow of stabbiness” (which I should TOTALLY get tattooed on myself somewhere). And I have glitter filled pink dice which almost always roll a 17 or higher when trying to kill people (hence the nickname).

4 – You’re about to be dropped into a fictional universe and be granted really cool powers – quick, which one do you want to be: A Jedi (or Sith) in Star Wars, a witch or wizard in Harry Potter, or a mutant in X-Men? Obviously, I’m going to say a witch and be in the fictional world of that book series that I am taking a break from and not mentioning for the entire month of May (how’s that working out, you ask? great….)

5- Favourite Canadian Prime Minister? 
Our current one. I really think Justin is doing a great job and is representing our country really well. I’m not really a liberal supporter (we can talk politics another time), but I’ve got to give props where props are due.

Now for my questions! Like I said earlier: if you are reading this, feel free to answer either in the comment section below OR send me an email via my “contact me” page.

  1. If you could be locked in a store overnight, could do anything in the store you wanted without any consequences, but just couldn’t take anything with you when the store reopened – what store would it be and what would you do all night?
  2. One movie that you LOVE but are ashamed of? I’ll get this one started! To Wong Foo, Thanks for everything! Julie Newmar. It is currently on Canadian Netflix.
  3. Favourite midnight snack?
  4. The biggest age gap between you and someone you’ve dated? Care to share details? 6 years for me – and sorry no details haha. yet. maybe later. 
  5. What was your last dream?

Feel free to answer one or all of them. Long comments will not be judged harshly! At least not by me.

20 thoughts on “Mystery Blooger Award

  1. 1. Probably a Barnes & Noble, or maybe Books a Million, any bookstore with a coffee shop. I would drink my way through all the coffee (except the decaf), then start on the tea. I would work my way through the store with a huge notebook and my trusty mechanical pencil (with LOTS of lead refills) and start compiling a TBR list from every section of the store (well, almost every section, some subjects are just—no.) because of course my TBR list isn’t long enough already (over 7000 books on my Kindle app, how many of them do you think I’ve actually read so far? Yeah, you’re probably right.). I probably wouldn’t get anywhere near finished when the employees started showing up in the morning, but I’d still have a nice long list (and a lot of empty coffee and tea containers in the trash). 😛

    3. My favorite midnight snack is anything that involves chocolate, lots of caffeine (tea or coffee or Mountain Dew, I don’t really care), and lots and lots of Swedish Fish, Pull ‘n’ Peel Twizzlers (especially the cherry flavored ones), and Dots. If you have to ask what Dots are…just look up the Tootsie Roll company (whoever the heck makes them) and then look up Dots. Also spice drops fruit slices (the candy, not real fruit), and anything licorice flavored….oh, and gummy bears! 😛

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    • Two great answers!! I think I would go to like a mall which had lots of different shops. I know I get bored easily so I’d need variety! Plus a shopping mall will probably have a food court YUM! How do you have lots of caffeine for a midnight snack?! I can’t drink it past 3pm or I am awake ALL NIGHT.

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  2. My son is left-handed… so I’ll definitely agree with you on that one! I like To Wong Foo also, great movie! Two of my favorites though are Groundhog’s Day and Overboard with Goldie Hawn… or pretty much anything that makes me laugh. 😀

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  3. I totally want a Blooger award.

    And nothing to be ashamed of with Julie Newmar. That’s a great movie!

    As for commenting on my blog, yeah, the comments are linked to your gmail/Google account, so if you only have a personal/professional account then it shows your real profile. You need to set up a dummy account so you can write mean comments on YouTube! 😛

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