Let’s Get Freaky ;)

But not too freaky…we all know who is writing this…

I was out today, picking up a late amazon package (again, about fudge muffin time!) and getting groceries so I can basically be a hermit tomorrow and not leave my apartment (if I wasn’t taking a break from Harry Potter, I’d post a picture of Harry with something along the lines of “my weekend plans? Sitting silently in my room and pretending I don’t exist” but I am taking a break so there will be no mention of that here 😉 )

Anyways, as I was leaving the mall, I saw a grocery cart laying on its side on the sidewalk and my brain decided to do that swooshy thing that is like a flashback on TV, but it’s in your brain (following me so far? Good.)

This flashback took me to high school where a friend of mine was obsessed with shopping carts that are not found in their “natural habitat” of parking lots. She would carry a camera around with her (like pre-digital cameras ya’ll) and take pictures of them! She wanted to make a coffee table book – which right now seems like a great idea! I’m starting to lose it, aren’t I? We’re friends, you can tell me.

So I giggled to myself and then went on my merry way. UNTIL!!! I found two shopping carts mating!

Image may contain: shoes and outdoor

It might have been rude to take a picture of such an intimate act, but there you have it. Mating, on a corner, right beside a city park no less! For shame!

My question to all you lovely folks is this: do you have a weird fascination? We all know how obsessed I am with hippos…this is pretty much the same thing. Maybe I need to start taking pictures of shopping carts outside of parking lots….


19 thoughts on “Let’s Get Freaky ;)

  1. I immediately thought… this isn’t going to be freaky like I would think of freaky. 😉 Weird fascination… I’m not sure how weird this is, but I love cemeteries (old ones) and decaying architecture. And I live in a great part of the US for that stuff. Although Europe would be better!

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  2. I always put shopping carts in their cart corrals, so when I see someone who couldn’t be bothered to go the few extra steps and just left their cart wherever, it really bothers me. I’ll take the time to put the cart where it’s supposed to go. I’ve gone out to the grocery store late at night and seen them all over the parking lot, I’ll take the time to put them all in the corral, or round them up and take them inside a few at a time (they have these nifty clip thingies they use to put several carts together and take them in at once, I’ll grab one and go rope me some dogies, I mean start bringing the carts inside for them, until there aren’t any left in the parking lot). It takes a little while, and those suckers are harder than heck to maneuver through the automatic doors because they keep wanting to run into the inside wall instead, but I finally manage to get them all.

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    • hehe! The one I saw tipped over was still on the shopping plaza grounds, but the ones mating weren’t. They were almost a 10 minute walk from the store they belonged to! This old friend of mine was only fascinated by the ones not close to any store, the randoms out in the middle of no where haha. You can find a post on her in my Series of Sara’s…I think Sara #3….

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  3. I can’t think of a weird fascination, but when I was in high school, I’m ashamed to say that some friends and I swiped a grocery cart. We left it outside the front doors of a church, so I suppose your friend would’ve enjoyed taking that picture!

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