“I’m starting not to like you…”

A horrifying sentence that came out of 4th’s mouth on Monday evening. 

I played it off, faking being so upset over it. “You don’t like me?! OH NO!!!!” Making her laugh a little bit. I didn’t actually think she was actually being serious.

Later that night, we were up in her parent’s room watching some tv and she rolls across the bed and gets up really close to me, and starts to whisper.

“Do you want to know why I’m starting not to like you?”

I half laughed “Sure..but why are you whispering?” I whispered right back.

“Because it sounds pretty! And I’m starting not to like you because you’re bubbly all the time.”

“What? I’m happy and bubbly so you’re starting not to like me? Does that make you angry?”

“No, it’s boring.”

“Oh.” I had to laugh! This was so silly. “Well, that’s just my personality. I can’t change that, sorry sweets.”

“Well, it’s just getting boring…that’s all I’m saying.”

I guess I can live with that? HAHA!


15 thoughts on ““I’m starting not to like you…”

  1. As a non bubbly person I have to say I also sometimes don’t like bubbly people. I am not a morning person, so people who tell me a super cheery (bubbly) good morning sometimes annoy me…

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    • I’m sure if these were my own kids, the bubbliness wouldn’t be there as much as it is. But as a nanny, I get the chance every day to disconnect from the chaos, go home, relax, and come back the next day refreshed haha.


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