Being watched

Do you ever feel like you are being watched? 

I don’t mean like someone is sitting in the bushes with a pair of binoculars (that would just be plain creepy!) but what about online?

We all know how sites like Facebook will monitor things you search for in order to offer up ads that will appeal to you and to suggest pages for your newsfeed. But can others track your online doings? I’m sure they can.

A few times now, while at work, I’ll be having a conversation with my employer and it feels almost like they have been privy to my personal text messages. It’s never anything earth shattering, but just a certain phrase, or something that I had been thinking about previously, and there it is, slipped into regular conversation without me bringing it up. It’s caught me off guard a few times.

I do use their wifi on my phone while I am at work – especially if I am staying late and all the kidlets are in bed. But personal text messages? That seems a little strange. Maybe they have found this blog: if they have, oh man. I don’t even want to think about what I’d have to do – shut it down, set it to private – oh the horrors! They know I write a blog (at least the mom does), but also that it’s a private personal journal type thing that no one I know in real life has access to and I haven’t given them the link. I’ve even taken a few precautions by not having any games on my new phone so the kidlets can’t fool around on it and read my messages (like 2nd did at least twice, just opened my messaging app and started to read them all). And on my tablet and old phone, I have disabled all the apps which would get any of my messages.

What about you? Do you ever feel like someone has been seeing things they shouldn’t? Reading things they shouldn’t?

Maybe I’m just being paranoid…


10 thoughts on “Being watched

  1. Yes, and it’s a healthy paranoia! My manager had discovered my old blog two years ago. At that time, I only had one blog, and the tidbit posts were on it. She had teased me about it but never let anyone know. I was quite relieved when she transferred to another location.

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    • I guess it’s easy to find things on the internet. But I’ve tried hard to keep this one away from the people who I know in person since it is a place for my personal thoughts. I’d hate to have to switch it to a private blog, I like the random visitors and stuff. Just not by people I know haha.

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  2. That’s why until the April Challenge my blog was private, I didn’t want just anyone stumbling on what I was writing on there, since up to now it’s just been me ranting about stuff anyway (hence the tagline at the top of the page), or my reviews of books I’ve read (but I also always post my reviews on Goodreads, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble when it lets me, so others can read my reviews at one of those sites). I have good reason to be paranoid about people reading my private thoughts (no sense of boundaries at all), so I tend to keep them all in my head, or only put them places that are password protected and those people can’t get to them.

    I guess I could always start a private one elsewhere, but I don’t really put enough on the one I have now that’s really private so I guess it doesn’t matter…I’m too paranoid about putting stuff online, because I know once it’s out there it’s out there forever, and all it would take would be the wrong person finding it once for it to go viral, so I don’t put ANYthing on line that I wouldn’t want other people reading if they ever found it. I know, I’m more paranoid than Rockwell (I can’t help it, I’m a child of the 80s 😛 ).

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    • I have some password posts for certain things. But for the most part i like being free to just write on my blog. If i had to make more of them private i think id just take down my blog entirely and start a private one….which i dont want to do! Lol

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  3. I get paranoid, too. I keep my full identity a secret for a reason… a few reasons. I wouldn’t want my family or anyone else in my offline life to read my blog. I think my husband could find it if he cared to… but he doesn’t. But even more than that, I wouldn’t want someone to google me and find my blog. I’m looking for a job and have you seen some of the stuff on my blog? The colorful language… the adult situations…

    I’m also paranoid about sharing my kids’ real names and I’ve never posted pictures of them. Or me. Although a few people have seen my face. Hell, for the longest time, I wouldn’t even share my location… I would say U.S. Then I would say Northeast. Then New England… and now I’ll even say the metro-area I live in. I think it’s still not so easy to find me… but yes, paranoid. It makes me careful… which I think is good.

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