#atozchallenge : Reflection

Did you survive?

I can’t believe that it’s already May! 

This year, as we all know, I chose to do a Harry Potter theme. This was a big step for me. Last year, I took it easy. It was my first time participating in the challenge, only found out a few weeks before, and didn’t do any planning. My posts were short and uninspired.

I wanted to do more this year – and more I did! I started planning out my posts in January! I had all my ideas for each letter, and every few weeks, I would steal myself away to Starbucks and write up 5 letters at a time. It was a huge operation. And I’m so happy that I did it!

For those who came late to the party, or missed some of my posts, follow the links to catch up on them (or to re-read the hilarious fan art!)

A: Albus   B: Book Titles   C: Creevey Brothers    D: Dursleys   E: Elves    F: Founders
G: Ghosts   H: Houses of Hogwarts   I: Inquisitorial Squad    J: Jesusification 
K: Knight Bus    L: Love Pairings   M: Malfoys    N: Neville   O: Order of the Pheonix
P: Professors    Q: Quidditch    R: Ravenpuff    S: Scabbers/Snape   T: Time Turner
U: Unforgivable Curses    V: A Very Potter Musical    W: The Weasley Twins
X: Xenophilius Lovegood    Y: You Know Who   Z: Zany Fan Theories

This year, since there wasn’t a list to sign up on, every day we had to post our link to the A to Z website. I have to admit, this was a little annoying. I also found it annoying to not know which blogs I had visited already. Each day I tried to go to 5 different ones, but since the list wasn’t there to show me which links I had already clicked, sometimes I ended up visiting the same blog over and over without realising it.

Since I am not using a google based blog, I also found it hard to comment on all the blogs that I wanted to. I couldn’t like them since there was no like button, and sometimes I couldn’t even change the log in away from my personal email to post a comment. I started to just bookmark the blogs that I really liked to return to and give a list of them here. If you have a chance, check them out! Please note: these are all blogs that I wasn’t following previously. 

Ozzypip Quilts: Each day, a new quilt square which they actually made and turned into a real quilt!

C.D Gallant King: Canada turns 150 this year, so this fellow Canadian posted strange facts about Canada.

Ruth’s Arc: Daily personal photographs

Ladies Who Lunch Reviews: 100-word stories

My Virtual Vineyard: Daily personal photographs

Sage Covered Hills: Looking at the constellations and other things in the skies

True North Bricks: Scenes built out of Lego

Nerdy Girl Confession: Cross Stitch from Doctor Who

Fangirl Stitches: Cross Stitch from Buffy the Vampire Slayer

The Comparative Narrative: Scrapbooking Techniques

Curious as a Cathy: Daily personal sketches

Uniquely Maladjusted but Fun: National Days of recognition (like national zipper day, or national honesty day)

Pamela & Ken’s Days of Fun!!: Different Scottish city/experience for each day

My Random Musings: Motivational Quotes

My Random Ramblings: Tiny Tales

Iain Kelly: Created a story based off of a children’s alphabet quilt

Dorky Mom Doodles: Drawings of her life with children

Click’s Clan: Letters to her Embryos during the process of IVF

These are the blogs that I have saved and followed throughout the challenge, although some are more recent than others. I have enjoyed them all and will keep following them over the next month to see what else they write about!

I’m so happy that this challenge is over! This year took a lot of work and I am just so glad that I made it to the end. Although, that being said, I am not trying to train my Pinterest suggestions to be about anything BUT Harry Potter. I need a break. During April I finished re-reading the series and was gifted a box set of the DVD’s for my birthday (which I am almost finished watching), so it’s time for much-needed separation. There will be no mention of Harry Potter here for quite some time.

Until next year A to Z!

18 thoughts on “#atozchallenge : Reflection

  1. So glad we survived the month! Now I can go back to agonizing over what to write the rest of the year! 😛 I already got my Survivor badge (am I the only one who hear Destiny’s Child playing in my head every time I see that badge?…Probably) and posted My Reflections on the challenge, but now apparently there’s a specific Reflections post to do next Monday? Well, that will give me one new post for next week, anyway!

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  2. Thanks for the share! I need to do a reflection post, too! I need to take some notes from you and do more planning. It was sometimes 10:00 the night of and I would be trying to come up with something. Yikes!

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  3. I decided to do the challenge on impulse, but quickly realized I’d need a plan. Luckily, I had some standing features I could draw on, but man! It was just flat-out exhausting. I have next year’s challenge mapped out already, and I am going to take it much easier on myself.

    I’ve enjoyed your posts and added you to my reader list here on WP. Thanks so much!

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  4. It is a good feeling to have finished it again, isn’t it? Each year has been different for me. I’m now trying to pick themes that will help me build a back log of stories that could be put together for a longer work. I didn’t write any of them ahead of time this year, but still got them done on the day they were due. I surprised myself. Good wrap up post!


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