The bestest day off!

Friday was my day off from work; a well-deserved break after a rough Thursday. And I had plans ya’ll! 

That’s right! I had actual plans on a Friday which meant I had to leave my apartment. I normally take Friday’s to be my “stay at home and clean and cook and chill out” day. But not yesterday.

First up: Lunch with BFF-A. Then Dentist, then shopping for some summer clothes and sheets, and then dinner with BFF-R, then a nice drive home after Toronto rush hour.

But as I said, Thursday was a little rough. It POURED the second we left dinner, and then 4th had opened an umbrella to run from the van to the house. She brought it inside, and 3rd was like “NO!! BAD LUCK!!!” and wouldn’t even touch it to move it out of the way. So I said, “Don’t worry, I’ll take this bad luck.” and moved the opened umbrella out of the way.

Well, the universe did not disappoint. Bad luck was released.

On my way to pick up my rental car, I took the correct bus but got off at the wrong stop. I RAN to the next stop since there was another bus coming but it was a different number. So I didn’t get on it. Then I googled it and I could have taken that bus. I was late picking up my car.

They gave me a brand new Malibu which was beautiful, but the look on the guys face when I asked how to turn it off was a little bit hilarious. It was a push start, which I had never driven before. It had so many buttons on the inside! Who needs all those buttons?!

Then on the highway out of Toronto, at 10:30 in the morning, I got stuck in traffic. Gah. Late for lunch.

Lunch was great. A and I went to a place we have gone to before. We were the first ones there and spent 2 hours there just talking and eating. Closer to when we were about to leave, I went to the bathroom. I got back to the table and all of a sudden I was FREEZING. Literally, all the hairs on my arm were standing straight up.  And my tummy gave a little gurgle.

Thinking nothing of it, I left for my dentist appointment.

I got there. And my tummy was still protesting! I knew something was wrong. The receptionist who wanted to see me had gone home for the day already, hot Russian dentist left just as I was getting taken to the back, and the couple who owns the practice weren’t there at all.

All through the examination, the x-rays, the everything, I was feeling like I was going to throw up all over this poor new hygienist that I have, and the new dentist who just happens to be the future son-in-law of the couple who owns the practice. Plus I have to go back and get a chip filled in, and son-in-law dentist thinks there might be a little infection left under my root canal….so I’ll have to get THAT looked at as well. Add to that, my bill was at least double what I was expecting. But thankfully, since I took out my own health insurance, I will get a large portion of it back.

Praising Jesus as I walked out for not having an embarrassing episode while in there, I drove to the closest pharmacy to get something to help. As I left the dentist, I knew I couldn’t continue on with my plans. I cancelled with R and forgot about my shopping.

I got to the drug store, and back into my rental to inhale my first dose of meds. Drove to Tims to get a bottle of water and just sit in my car for a little bit. R replied, and I was crushed to cancel. But then my meds were starting to take effect. It was only an hour and 10 minutes drive to the rental place. Plus then about 20 minutes on the bus home or I could ask them to drive me home since I would be arriving 4 hours earlier than planned.

I left Kitchener at 3:30. I could be in my apartment by 5 if everything went well.

It did not.

Leaving at 3:30, I should have been at the rental place by 4:40 ish. I rolled up at 5:57. Literally 2 minutes before they closed, so I didn’t even ask for a ride home. Just dropped off my keys and left.

The drive home was FULL of traffic. Accidents everywhere. I was cut off more times than I could count. None of the people pushing their way in front of me did the “hand wave” to show they were thankful. Only twice did that happen, and it was when I made sure there was enough room for at least 2 cars to get it. Those sweet people.

While driving, an alert kept appearing on my dash. I finally was able to read it “Assisted Driving Decreased, Drive with Care.” Um….thank you Malibu? I didn’t realise you were assisting me to drive but whatever.

So by the end of it, I was home at 6:30. A trip that should have taken an hour and 45 minutes took THREE FULL HOURS. I even had to take a second dose of medicine to keep me going.

I got home and text my boss. No way I was going into work this morning. And I’m glad I did. Still feeling a little like death, and food is the farthest thing from my mind. I’m going to wrap myself up in a blanket and watch tv. Maybe a nap later.

8 thoughts on “The bestest day off!

    • Coming from Kitchener was horrible! But at least I was on the “fast” side of the 401. Those trying to get into Kitchener were in for two accidents…one which totally cut off all lanes of traffic right before hwy 8. Poor people.


      • I was in the hubbub of the don valley parking lot. That thing was ridiculous on Friday. And I left late. So late that my building had already stopped elevator access to the parkade. Had to get off on main floor and security guard verify my car was in the basement and then buzz me into the creepy stairs. And then traffic. Toronto and I get along in so many ways. Traffic being so weird….

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    • I am feeling much better! Yesterday I was back to work and still feeling half horrible, but I forced myself to eat and now I seem to be all good 🙂 And thankfully the hot Russian dentist had left for the day 😉 wouldn’t want to puke on him haha

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