#atozchallenge : Y

Y is for….


I couldn’t resist doing a post on him. I just had to. But once again, it’s basically silly fan theories. It’s almost the end of the challenge – I’m tired, you’re tired, let’s have a little break and some laughs at his expense shall we?

what voldemort does when he has the chance to kill harry potter...:


Lord Voldemort's nail polish line. Bahahahaha:

This was captioned as Voldemort’s Β nail polish collection


My potion would smell like: fresh baked subway bread, old books, and bacon -Kasie Kitty:

Harry potter:

Merope Gaunt suffered abuse at the hands of her family and was...:

This is beautiful:

These Sims fans who have actually started to write Sims fanfiction. | 33 People Who Have Reached Peak Internet:

cool How to Make an Interesting Art Piece Using Tree Branches | eHow by http://www.dezdemonhumor.space/harry-potter-humor/how-to-make-an-interesting-art-piece-using-tree-branches-ehow/:

Yeah pretty much, all he had to do was have quirrel call Harry to his office on the first day of school, then stab him, easy and simple, job done:

10 thoughts on “#atozchallenge : Y

  1. He also doesn’t know how to stop talking to himself/his Death Eaters/his target (aka Harry and sometimes Dumbledore) and just try to kill him already :P…he can kill everybody else, including an old Muggle war hero (what a jerk!) without talking them to death first, but he can’t keep his mouth shut when confronting Harry (except for using the Killing Curse). Really?!? What kind of evil mastermind is he supposed to be anyway? Definitely not a smart one! πŸ˜›

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