This and That Thursday

I didn’t really have anything earth shattering to share today. So instead, have a few one-liners for the day along with some pictures. 

Spring is finally in full swing (it’s about fudge muffin time!) and there are some b-e-a-utiful flowers outside my bedroom window.

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My injuries from my fall are healing nicely. The bruise on my shin has finally decided to gain some colour, but I still can’t put any pressure on it. Trying to kneel last night on the floor to look under 4th’s bed almost had me in tears.

My most recent amazon order has finally started to come in. I was getting a little worried because one of the sellers I use almost always gets it to me at the start of the delivery window (this time it was Apr 7 – May 2). I have three different packages coming.

Today, I picked up the first. The polishes that I ordered. I nice ivory/nude colour for my birthday cupcake nails which I ended up not needing anyways but now at least I have a nice neutral colour. And a matte top coat. The matte top coat is in the smallest of bottles! I’ll probably be able to do like 2 nails and then that’s it.

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look at this baby bottle! 

Lastly, since Sandra was asking – pictures of my handwriting. I’ve been practising for the last week and I can’t say I’ve gotten any better but oh wells. The key I guess is just writing slowly and with determination. Capital letters are the worst for me, as well as connecting a “y” to anything. Sucks since I have a “y” right in the middle of my first name.

So for comparison, the first beautiful script is from my aunt that I mentioned last week. And the next is from me.

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6 thoughts on “This and That Thursday

  1. They don’t even teach handwriting in school anymore! I took calligraphy when I was a kid, but my kids can barely read my writing. I think one day it will be like Latin, some archeologist will come across my diary and need to find someone to interpret lol. Did you see my post this week. We just came back from Harry Potter World. I thought of you the whole time! Enjoy the lovely weather ❤

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    • Ooo i have seen the email bit havent had the chance to read it yet! That so sweet you thought of me 🙂 I taught cursive as part of the curriculum when I was a supply teacher but not in any great detail lol just an over view. But I am determined to improve myself!

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      • Right before we left, your post was on the Knight Bus and the next day we were on it! It was so amazing. If you ever have the opportunity you need to save up and go. I’ll lend you one of our wands for the spells…if you don’t get sucked into buying one of your own 😉

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  2. The thing is… I don’t write the way I was taught cursive. My handwriting morphed into some conglomeration of my printing and my cursive. I think if I tried to write cursive now, like, all the letters as I originally learned them, it would go poorly! I like it better the way it is anyway. 🙂 Oh… and I used to do calligraphy, too… wedding invitations, placecards for events… stuff like that. I taught myself from a book. But now there are so many beautiful fonts, there’s no point! 🙂

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    • Awww i wish i had the discipline to relearn but i dont. I know i would give up so i just have to keep reminding myself to go slowly. I also dont do it the way i was originally taught – same as you its morphed into a mix of printing and cursive

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