#atozchallenge : V

I shall NOT be talking about Voldemort….or Ralph Fiennes….ya’ll take a deep breath and give a sigh of relief.

Instead, I want to talk about something that has scarred me in ways I can’t even think about. Something that haunts me, and will probably continue to haunt me until the end of my days…

A Very Potter Musical.

Yes, I know. I felt that collective shudder! If you have been around my blog for a while, you would have known that I watched this musical in the fall when I returned from Korea. There are THREE different musicals….9 hours of my life down the drain. Then at Christmas, I thought it would be fun to torture my brother with this as well so I forced him to watch the first one. I was fine until about 20 minutes in I looked at my watched and was like “OMG WHEN IS THIS GOING TO END!”

It’s horrendous! It’s ridiculous! It’s wonderful! You know when something is just so horrible that you love every single second but you are in agony waiting for it to end? That is how I describe my relationship with these musicals. If you want my little review of the first one, take a read here. But otherwise, just enjoy the following pictures.

A Very Potter Musical - Come on, dance with me, I'm Harry Potter.:

Dracos worth it:

supermegafoxyawesomehot. cho chang.:

I do worship and glorify this Umbridge 💀:


The accuracy of this is scary:

AVPM. Omg I should draw this on my arm and pretend I'm Draco!:

no no no. it just doen't have the same ring as Cho-Chang:

This is why these people are so amazing. :) Not only did Lauren improvise that, but Joe reacted perfectly to the point that everyone thought they had planned it!:

Pigfarts. It's on Mars, Potter hahahaha @Neely Rettig YESSS:

Tom Felton's reaction to A Very Potter Musical...love this!:

Joe Walker, everybody ♡

ok…I’ll stop…

No just one more!


10 thoughts on “#atozchallenge : V

  1. The way you feel about this is approximately how I feel about the Star Wars Holiday Special.

    Except that the SW one was endorsed and produced by the original creators.

    Somehow I have never heard of this Harry Potter Musical. It sounds like the Evil Dead Musical on crack.

    You’ll have to excuse me while I go check this out…

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    • I hadn’t heard about the musical until last fall. I’m not sure how well known it is to people who aren’t REALLY into the fandom. You’ll have to let me know what you think of it. The first is definitely the best, but the 3rd installment does have the actress who played Luna in the movies so that’s something. And it’s right before the actor playing Harry went on to work in the TV show Glee so he was leaving the production company. Some of the songs are super catchy though…right now I have “and it’s gonna be totally awesome!” playing over and over in my head…that will be a nice soundtrack for the entire day….*slams head into a wall*


  2. How could anybody *not* be able to tell that whoever wrote/produced this was high?!? Especially if you’ve ever watched Yellow Submarine, then you’ll really be able to recognize the fact that these people had to be smoking some really good stuff (or really bad stuff) to come up with this….And Yellow Submarine was one long trip…. 😛

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