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There are three unforgivable curses within the Harry Potter books. These curses are illegal under every circumstance and will result with the person who casts them being put into Azkaban.

The first would be the Imperius curse. This curse causes the person you cast it onto to do whatever you want them to. If you have the mental power, you can actually fight this curse. Harry was the only one out of his class to show any real power over this curse. While in class with the fake Mad-Eye Moody during The Goblet of Fire, Harry was able to fight against the curse and actually break free from it.

The second curse is the Cruciatus curse. This is the torture curse. Frank and Alice Longbottom lost their sanity to this curse after it was put on them by Bellatrix (an act which she was imprisoned in Azkaban for). Bellatrix also used this on Hermione, and Harry on one of the Carrows.

The last curse is Avada Kedavra – the killing curse. This one is simple if you are hit with this curse you die.

Sweet galloping Thestrals, my life is a lie!! Harry's scar isn't a lightening bolt, it's the hand movement for Avada Kedavra:

For any of these curses to work, you really need to mean them. In The Order of the Phoenix, Harry tries to use the Cruciatus curse on Bellatrix. She is merely stunned and knocked to the ground. He didn’t have the true feelings behind the curse in order for it to be executed properly. However, when, in The Deathly Hallows, Professor McGonagall is threatened by a death eater, Harry is able to perform this curse perfectly. I think both were stunned at how well it worked, but as Harry simply puts it, “he shouldn’t have spat at you”.

Harry Potter:

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  1. Another thing: As much as he loved Sirius, when he cornered Sirius’ murderer and cast an Unforgivable at her, it only stunned her and knocked her down. Like she said, righteous fury will only get you so far when trying to cast an Unforgivable. But Minerva McGonagall was merely insulted by this little waste of humanity (okay, it’s McGONAGALL, but still) and he was filled with such rage that he was finally able to properly cast an Unforgivable Curse. How much deeper is his feelings for Minerva if he was able to do this for her, when he couldn’t even do it to avenge his own godfather, who was more of an older brother/father figure to him? What does that truly say about his feelings for her? Apparently he had more than one mother figure in his life (the other being Molly of course). I am in total awe of this every time I read it. Just…wow.

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    • Yes definitely. But I think what also helped him with the cruico curse aimed at Carrow, was that he was already filled with so much anger and power over the situation at Hogwarts. He was already in such a place where his mind could lead him to cast the curse. He was on the hunt for that final Horcrux, Voldemort was coming to the school, he was ready to fight. With Sirius it was different. And I totally agree that his feelings for Minerva were more like a mother than a teacher. 🙂

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      • Yeah with Sirius he was caught totally off guard. He went there expecting to save Sirius (who actually didn’t need saving till Harry went there), and instead had to watch his godfather die at the hands of Bellatrix. He was in shock over that, and was still grieving when he went chasing after her, so his emotions were too jumbled up to focus clearly on the ones he needed to help him do the curse properly. When he used it on Carrow, he was already completely focused on the task at hand, and was more prepared for what he did. He’d already heard horror stories about the Carrows and was able to channel all that anger straight at the one in front of him when the time came, without remorse or regret of any kind, because he was defending someone he considered part of his family, and he will always do that no matter what.

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  2. Ah, this is fitting. We just played a Harry Potter role-playing game over the weekend (yes I’m a nerd) and in the first scene the players, playing professors, encountered a minor monster harassing the students. The Hufflepuff professor immediately cast “Avada Kedavra” on the monster, because the player couldn’t remember any other spells.

    It was all good, it created drama and material for the rest of the night. And now in our world Hufflepuff House is going really dark…

    U – Underground SNOWLAB

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  3. Aww! While I really loved this post (Especially the part about McGonagall!), I was really hoping you’d talk about Umbridge. Oooh, that bitch steams me up real good, lol.

    Also, may I just say… Hufflepuff’s Unite! *leedle leedle leedle leeeee*

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  4. This gets me every single time!
    Professor McGonagall is my favourite!!!! I totally love that he stood up that way.
    Her ” Babbling Bumbling Band of Baboons” during The Yule Ball practice, she dancing with Ron, Fred and George making fun of him.. that is one of my favourite scenes!
    Also in Deathly Hallows when she says “I have always wanted to use that spell”, that expression of hers is ❤

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