I’m such a clutz

Somedays I wonder how I am a functioning adult. 

Yesterday, I decided to order some pizza. On Sundays, I generally like to order in dinner since I’m a lazy panda. I get up early to go to church, and lately I’ve been having a full day of other things, and then get home hungry and exhausted – so I have someone else bring me food. It’s perfect.

Yesterday, I decided on pizza. I have a love affair with pizza! But really who doesn’t?! Pizza is amazing. I just wanted enough for dinner, and maybe lunch the next day (today!) but when I got on the website to order, there was this amazing deal on! TWO pizzas, plus 6 drinks, and 2 dips for $19.99. Um yes, please!

So I ordered it and made sure to put in that it had to go to the side door since the front door is for the people who live upstairs.

Even though I know it’s coming, I still get super anxious when it does. Like, they knock on the door and I’m all “OMG! They are here!” I have already set out my card that I’m paying with, so I grab it and rush up the stairs to the door. There are only like 5 steps up to the landing – and guess what I do?

I fall.

More specifically, I slip.

I managed to walk all the way to the bus/home from the bus, stand in the bus while it was moving, walk down the street to/from church, in my heel ankle boots, which I hardly ever wear, with no problems, but I can’t walk up FIVE STEPS in my own apartment without falling?

Yeah…so I get to the door in so much pain, trying to hide it from the delivery guy. After what feels like a thousand years, I am finally allowed to close the door and gasp in pain behind it.

I hobble down the stairs into my kitchen, and my one toe is throbbing. I take off my sock, hoping that it’s not broken, and try to move it. I can’t without a sharp increase in pain. The toe is bleeding, and it looks like there is a bruise already forming.


My entire body was in pain. My elbows from smashing into the stairs, my shoulders from me trying to stop my fall, my left knee from being cracked on the edge of the stair and the shin under it from taking most of the force, and then my toe…

Thankfully, this morning I woke up to no visible bruises anywhere. My shoulder muscles are still tense, and my toe is a little tender still. But no visible bruises. That’s good, right?

*sigh* I should just be wrapped in bubble wrap and not allowed to do anything. At least I have enough left over pizza for a few days now. Silver lining!

21 thoughts on “I’m such a clutz

    • Haha yes I have the pecurlar knack of almost always falling UP stairs lol. I think my foot slipped on the stairs with my socks and then the toe caught the lip of the stair as I tried to continue on up towards the door haha


    • Lol I’m usually not too bad. But just the walk to work made me all stiff. Thankfully Ive said I wont be able to walk to dogs – no need to have at least 70lbs ripping ny arm off lol. And oh goodness! How did you manage that?!


    • LOL! Yesterday was a struggle to live – every single muscle in my body hurt, I could barely move my shoulders, twisting my back made me wince and actually say “ow ow ow”. But today is much better! I do have a nice baseball sized bruise starting to appear on my shin though

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  1. Yikes! No bueno! So sorry you got hurt in all the excitement for pizza. I understand being clutzy, though. Just the other night, I cracked my forehead on the lip of a granite counter at work… twice… in the exact same spot, lol. Ugh… Bubble wrap me up, too, please!


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