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I think that most people would expect this post to the about the trio, but when I started prepping for this challenge, I made up my mind rather quickly to not make a post about them, so we’re going to look at the time turner.

A time turner is a device that is used for going back in time. It doesn’t matter what fandom that you belong to, we should all know that no one is allowed to meddle with time. Just look at Marty McFly in Back to the Future – his mom fell in love with him and not his dad, and then he started to disappear from his photograph. None of us wants to be erased from history.

However, in the Prisoner of Azkaban, Hermione is given just that chance. Not only is she a mere 13 years old, she is also known for being best friends with one of Hogwart’s most disruptive students. Harry was always getting into trouble and troubling situations – so obviously it’s a good idea for Hermione to be trusted with a device that would turn back time.

In all fairness, I do think she handled this power very well, but should she have been given the power in the first place? And why, once she got the power, didn’t she use it for the good of all the wizarding world. Sure she was able to save Buckbeak and Sirius from death, but how many others could she have helped? I guess the argument could be made that she was just keeping up with wizarding laws, but still. Come on Hermione!

And how about in The Order of the Phoenix, when Dumbledore’s Army was fighting the death eaters in the Ministry of Magic, Harry stumbled upon a room full of time turners. Why didn’t he take the chance right then and there to grab one, get his friends together, and travel back in time? He knew that Sirius wasn’t being attacked at this point, and he could have taken all 6 of those who were there back to before he even left Hogwarts in the first place. The whole incident could have been avoided, and Sirius would have still been alive (I think one of the deaths that affected me most was Sirius’… still kind of a little bit bitter over that).

Harry potter:

Although, I have seen these made into jewellery lately, and they are quite beautiful! So if anyone wants to send me a gift…..

12 thoughts on “#atozchallenge : T

  1. That’s why I hate time travel in most stories. It’s so hard to explain, and you always end up questioning “If they use time travel in this situation, why couldn’t they use it in this other situation?”

    I’m actually right in the middle of “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child” right now, which tries to explain more rules around the Time Turners and why they couldn’t be used in the wizarding war. The only problem is that the plot of the whole book is about time travel, which as I said, is a terrible basis for a story. Sure, it great for fandom to see your favourite characters in different places and alternate histories, but it’s a nightmare from a narrative standpoint.

    T – Toronto’s Ill-Fated First Hanging

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    • I have been debating on whether or not to read that book! I’ve heard so many opposing views that I’m having a hard time deciding. When I read the actual HP series now, I have a hard time just reading the very last chapter since it’s so lame. I have a feeling I might feel the same about “The Cursed Child”


  2. This whole post is one of my biggest rants that I bitch about frequently and you’ve summed it up perfectly! If they’ve used it on some silly classes, why in the hell couldn’t they have used it for anything more important? Makes no sense. Good post, hon! ♥

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