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So I prepared this piece on Scabbers, and I’ll let ya’ll read what I wrote, but at the end, I want to take a few minutes to deal with another S subject that I have a huge issue with.

So first, Scabbers:

Scabbers, also known as Peter Pettigrew, is an important part of the storyline in Harry Potter that I think is overlooked a lot. He was an insecure, impressionable young boy, who was just trying to feel validated by those around him and ended up with the wrong crowd. How often does that happen to people that we know in real life? His betrayal is made even more tragic because Sirius and Lupin both say that they would have died before giving up Pettigrew to the dark side. So even though he felt underappreciated and undervalued, his friends still would have died for him before betraying Pettigrew, unlike how he treated them.

These aren't tears, my eyes are just sweating:

Pettigrew and Neville are tied together in many different ways. The fandom likes to show how they are essentially the same person for each generation. How their choices in life lead them to be so similar in their character development. (Jump back to my post for N to see more about that).

The thing that I really admire about Pettigrew, is that in the end, he makes the right choice for his friends’ memories and for Harry. When Pettigrew is helping Voldemort come back to power, his life is only spared because of his dedication to the dark side and to Voldemort himself. He cuts off his own hand to complete the spell which brings Voldemort back to power. In return, Voldemort gives him a metal hand. This hand is bewitched, however, and if Pettigrew betrays the dark side again, the hand will end his life. Pettigrew knows this, but in the end, he still decides to show a little bit of sympathy Harry. The hand, knowing of the betrayal to the dark side, turns on its host and strangles Pettigrew. Such a horrible end for someone who was just trying to finally do the right thing.

But now for some rage: Severus Snape.

How can anyone justify Snape? I think that we are all getting sucked into the power that was the late Alan Rickman – he was amazing. I’m not denying that. But not Snape. Snape was a monster and no one can change my mind on that (sorry if you disagree, but I’m not changing my mind).


Sure he was a good potions master – notice how I didn’t say, teacher.

The question is, if Snape was giving Harry the perfect recipe before (while teaching) and after (in the potions book) why wasn't Harry making perfect potions all along?:

If you didn’t read the books, then you’re missing all of these points as well:

And this is proof of why I still have no love for Snape. And am annoyed and the film makers for painting snapes character in more positive light.:

And what about this:

I agree but that would mean Snape would be fired so... there goes a whole lot of story out the window then:

And this

Im the biggest fan of that last part but the beginning is sweet:

And this

Exactly. Stop idolizing or romanticizing Snape. Anywhere else, his actions towards students would have had him fired or even arrested.:

And this

Try to defend Severus Snape with something as simple as 'he loved Lilly' or, as some have the audacity to say, 'James did it too'.:

And this

I always try to explain to people that Snape was NOT good. He fought for dumbledore only to save himself from his feelings because he had to save lily. If he didn't (which eventually happened) he would feel the blame because if he hadn't been addicted to the dark arts she would have ended up with him, not had harry, and therefore not have been killed.:

8 thoughts on “#atozchallenge : S

  1. I’ve always felt somewhat torn about Snape as well. Though I have a sense of feeling sorry for him. There were so many things in his life that had they gone differently, he might have been a better person.

    I guess the Neville/Peter thing kind of demonstrates that too. 😉

    Cait @ Click’s Clan

    Liked by 1 person

    • I really tried to get over my dislike of Snape, it waned a tiny tiny bit when I watched the last movie for the first time (my very first HP movie I saw in theatre), but then I read the books and the rage inflammed again. I just can’t feel sorry for him.


  2. You’re right about the Alan Rickman thing – it did help us to forgive. But if we stick with the books, Snape was only accepted because Dumbledore vouched for him. Despite strong feelings, everyone accepted that. Yet Dumbledore doesn’t show good judgement in his handling of Harry, amongst so many other failings (as you detailed previously). And your point about it being only self-interest that caused Snape to turn against Voldemort is well made.

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    • Yeah totally!! Whenever I see Alan Rickman in anything my first thought is “Oh look! It’s Colonel Brandon!” from his Jane Austen days haha. Some actors just have this affect that make us love them no matter what role they are playing.


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