#atozchallenge : R

Today is the day ya’ll finally find out what house I have been sorted into. I am a Ravenpuff.

huffleclaw - Google Search: According to the Fandom ID Quiz, I'm a Ravenclaw. According to Pottermore, I'm a Hufflepuff. Therefore, I am a RAVENPUFF! :-D: I have A LOT OF HUFFLEPUFF pins, so please check out my Geek - I am Hufflepuff {Harry Potter} board. PROUD TO BE A RAVENPUFF | hpstuffs:

Being sorted into a Hogwarts house is super important in any Potterhead’s life. I’ve been sorted twice. The first time, I was just taking silly quizzes online since I had missed the Pottermore sorting. The website had stopped sorting people and I couldn’t be properly sorted, so I just did the best I could online. I was placed in Hufflepuff. I was happy with Hufflepuff. Then Pottermore revamped itself and came out with a new sorting quiz. This time I was placed in Ravenclaw. I had a hard time with this until I started to do a little research into the houses. I started to learn about who else had been sorted into Ravenclaw, like Jane Austen’s Elizabeth Bennett. I am sooooo an Elizabeth Bennett! That made it seem to be more ok with me.

The Definitive Guide to Sorting Jane Austen Characters into Hogwarts Houses // Carrots for Michaelmas:

And just look at this: Sense AND sensibility?! Um hello, that is an actual Jane Austen title! It’s a match made in Pottermore heaven.

Jane Austen meets Harry Potter.:

And what about Luna Lovegood? Is it just me who always forgets that Luna was in Ravenclaw? I always forget this little bit of information. I always just pair her up with the other core 4 (Ron, Harry, Hermione, Neville) and just leave it at that. But no – Luna was a Ravenclaw. I have so much in common with Luna, so now I can start to really really accept the fact that I could be in Ravenclaw.

Then I decided that I would do what I had seen online quite a few times, and smash my two houses together calling myself a Ravenpuff. I do think that I am more Hufflepuff, but if Pottermore is telling me I’m a Ravenclaw, I think I need to respect that decision.  Although, Rowena Ravenclaw is said to be from Scotland, which makes sense to me now since we all know how much I identify with my Scottish heritage!

A recent Buzzfeed quiz I took told me exactly what percentage each house I am. I am exactly 30% Ravenclaw AND Hufflepuff. Which kind of makes sense. I was still placed into Ravenclaw, even though I told it I wanted Hufflepuff. Then I found this image just a few days ago on Pinterest, which basically sums up what I identify more with Hufflepuff than any other house, but I will still accept that deep down in there somewhere, I am a Ravenclaw.

Totally agreed!:


14 thoughts on “#atozchallenge : R

  1. Oh my. I’m a Ravenclaw too, but from that description, I really am a better fit with Hufflepuff. I mean I’m bookish ‘n all, but the Hufflepuff personality traits are soooo mine. I may have to embrace the Ravenpuff/Huffleclaw option …

    Bunny and the Bloke

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  2. Elizabeth Bennet is such a Ravenclaw. Darcy is definitely a Gryffindor, Jane and Bingley are most assuredly Hufflepuffs and Caroline is most DEFINITELY a Slytherin (that sneaky bitch).

    Before Pottermore, quizzes showed me to be a toss between Gryffindor and Hufflepuff. The first Pottermore sorting had me as a Gryffindor and this newest sorting has me as a Hufflepuff and now this BF quiz has me almost equally Gryffindor and Hufflepuff. I feel like I lean more towards Hufflepuff but I do have a strong sense for what’s right and what’s wrong. Guess I’m a definite Gryffinpuff, lol.

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